Father’s Day Baby Names: New celebrity dads’ picks–Elsie, Eloise & Everest

In the year between last Father’s Day and this one, some interestingly named starbabies were born to some high-profile Hollywood Dads. But a caveat–if you’re looking for Hazel Krasinski or Bodhi Ransom Green, Apollo Bowie Flynn Rossdale or Otis Alexander Sudeikis–they were already snatched by their equally famous moms onto our Mother’s Day blog.

Annabel Leah—James Van Der Beek

The one-time Dawson’s Creek star is a fairly conservative baby namer. Newborn Annabel is currently Number 480 (and rising), her sister Olivia is Number 3 and brother Joshua is at 21. Annabel Leah is—intentionally or not—a nice variation on the classic Edgar Allan Poe Annabel Lee.

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