Celebrity Baby Names: Boys’ names for girls

Not that this is something completely new.  After all, way back when, Diane Keaton named her daughter Dexter Dean, Kelsey Grammer had girls called Spencer and Mason, and Miley Cyrus’s parents named their next daughter Noah.  But lately the trend of celebrities giving their female offspring completely male— not unisex— names has been wildly escalating.  Here are some of the most extreme gender-benders. (And if you haven’t already, be sure to check out our great new graphic showing just where every unisex name stands on the boy-girl spectrum.)


We’ve heard women called foxy, but this is the first girl we’ve heard of to be actually named Fox. Fox India was the choice of Take That musician Mark Owen for his baby girl. There’s already been Erykah Badu’s daughter Puma—we can only wonder what will be next from the wild animal menagerie.

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