Dad Names: Updates for Alpha Babes

May 28, 2019 Sophie Kihm

by Sophie Kihm

Babies born today are a part of Generation Alpha, which encompasses children born from 2010 to 2025. Their parents are Millennials, who were born from 1980-1996, the dawn of the digital age.

The trends in baby naming have shifted between these generations. Parents have become more adventurous with boy names, widening the pool of options for Gen Alpha babies. This change began during Generation Z but has really picked up steam since 2010. As more parents choose names like Bodhi and Ryker for their sons, there is less pressure to stick with the hyper-traditional dad names that dominated for so many years.

We’ve taken the top Top Millennial boy names and reinvented them as Gen Alpha names. These names are fresher than their Millennial counterparts, and act as markers of the generation.

Millennial Name Gen Alpha Name
Michael Micah
Christopher Oliver
Matthew Mateo
Joshua Josiah
Daniel Dashiell
David Gavin
Andrew Anderson
James Jameson
Joseph Jasper
John Henry
Nicholas Dominic
Ryan Ryder
Jacob Jonah
Brandon Landon
Justin Julian
Robert Roman
William Liam
Anthony Brantley
Jonathan Jackson
Tyler Sawyer
Zachary Ezekiel
Kevin Everett
Kyle Kai
Thomas Theodore
Alexander Maxwell
Jason Jayden
Brian Brooks
Eric Emmett
Benjamin Bentley
Adam Aiden
Steven Sullivan
Austin August
Aaron Arlo
Timothy Wesley
Samuel Samson
Nathan Nolan
Jordan Holden
Jose Diego
Richard Remington
Cody Colton
Charles Louis
Christian Sebastian
Sean Dean
Jeremy Remy
Dylan Owen
Patrick Paxton
Mark Tate
Jeffrey Elliott
Stephen Simon
Ethan Easton
Travis Tobias
Jesse Jett
Bryan Braxton
Cameron Finnegan
Paul Beau
Juan Iker
Kenneth Keegan
Dustin Bodhi
Scott Rhett
Caleb Chase
Alex Max
Gregory Grady
Jared Jude
Logan Mason
Gabriel Grayson
Luis Cruz
Noah Asher
Evan Levi
Derek Zeke
Carlos Emilio
Hunter Hudson
Nathaniel Malachi
Ian Finn
Bradley Brady
Edward Philip
Luke Luca
Trevor River
Marcus Magnus
Shawn Dawson
Corey Huxley
Conner Carter
Antonio Emiliano
Devin Declan
Jesus Messiah
Peter Porter
Isaac Miles
Seth Reid
Blake Beckett
Jack Jax
Adrian Orion
Shane Zane
Angel Axel
Elijah Elias
Victor Oscar
Taylor Tucker
Isaiah Israel
Garrett Grant
Lucas Lucian
George Walter
Miguel Gael

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