Famous Dad Names: Noteworthy Names of Some Famous Fathers

Famous Dad Names: Noteworthy Names of Some Famous Fathers

It’s Famous Dad Names time!  For Mother’s Day we took a look at some of the more interesting names of the mothers of distinguished people, and now we do the same for the paternal parent.  Once more,  it turns out that an unusual number of past (and a few present) notables have had Dads with interesting, and sometimes surprising, names.  Here are some examples to prove the point:

Famous Dad Names


ALFRED (called Freddie) — John Lennon

ALLANHerman Melville

ALLESSANDRO — Maria Montessori

ANDREJ — Andy Warhol

ARCHULUS — Truman Capote

AUGUSTINE —  George Washington

BAILEY —  Ray Charles, Maya Angelou

BELMONT — Humphrey Bogart

CASSIUS —  Mohammed Ali (pictured)

CLARENCE —  Ernest Hemingway, Billie Holiday

CLYDE  —  John Wayne

CORNELIUS —  Tennessee Williams

DELBERT  — Gene Autry

DOMENICO —  Christopher Columbus

ELIAS —  Walt Disney, Cary Grant

EMILE —  Henri Matisse

FERNANDO  — Luciano Pavarotti

FLOYDTina Turner

FRANCIS  —  Elizabeth Taylor, Frank Zappa, Georgia O’Keeffe (his middle name Calyxtus)

GARRETT —  Edward Hopper

GERRIT —  Rembrandt van Rijn

GUSTAVArnold Schwarzenegger

HOMER —  Johnny Carson

ISTVAN  — Bela Lugosi

JAKOB  —  Sigmund Freud, Johannes Brahms

JONAS —  Ava Gardner

JOSIAH —  Benjamin Franklin

JUDAH  —  Isaac Asimov

JUSTUS  —  Ingrid Bergman

KNUD  —  Henrik Ibsen

LEO —  Jack Kerouac

LESLIE  —  Virginia Woolf


MORRIS —  George Gershwin

MOSES  — Milton Berle

MURRY —  William Faulkner

NEWELL  —  Andrew Wyeth

NICCOLO  —  Marco Polo

PAVEL —  Anton Chekhov

SOL —  J. D. Salinger

SQUIRE —  Daniel Boone

SYLVIO —  Madonna

THEODOUS  —  Vincent Van Gogh

VERNON  —  Elvis Presley

WINTON  —  James Dean

Last time many of you shared the names of your own wonderful parents–and we hope you’ll do so again!

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