Craziest Baby Names Right Now

June 2, 2017 Linda Rosenkrantz

By Linda Rosenkrantz

A look at the year’s Craziest Baby Names has become a Nameberry tradition.

Every year, after we’ve parsed the most popular names, we dive deep into the extended popularity list to names given to only five or six babies in the past year to find the names that have moved from creative to crazy.

The 12 names below, all of them—believe it or not—given to at least five American babies in 2016—win the dubious honor of being our picks for the craziest of this year’s crazy baby names.

Adorable (girl)

There was an old song that started ‘A, you’re adorable’, but we just have to wonder how well this would suit its bearer beyond her adorable childhood years. In the same category we find 13 little girls named Beauty, 7 Prettys, and 13 ID’ed as Gorgeous.


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