"glory of Hera"

Hercules Origin and Meaning

The name Hercules is a boy's name of Greek origin meaning "glory of Hera".

Any boy with this name, a synonym for power via the Greek mythology figure, better be strong of body, and of psyche.

Hercules Popularity

Famous People Named Hercules

  • Hercules Brabazon BrabazonEnglish painter
  • Hercules BurnettAmerican baseball player
  • Hércules Florence (born Antoine Hercule Romuald Florence)French,Brazilian painter and photographer
  • Herculez GomezAmerican soccer player
  • Hercules KyvelosGreek,Canadian boxer
  • Hercules LintonScottish surveyor and shipbuilder
  • Hercules MulliganAmerican spy during the Revolutionary War
  • (Charles) Hercules ReadBritish archaeologist and curator
  • Hercules George Robert Robinson1st Baron Rosmead, 5th Governor of Hong Kong
  • Hércules de Brito RuasBrazilian footballer
  • Hércules de MirandaBrazilian footballer
  • Hercules HuncksEnglish soldier and regicide of King Charles I of England
  • Hercules SeghersDutch painter and printmaker of the Dutch Golden Age
  • Hercules Langford TaylourIrish soldier and politician
  • Herculesslave and chef to U.S. President George Washington
  • Hercules Hernandezring name of Raymond Fernandez, American pro wrestler
  • Elton Hercules John (born Reginald Kenneth Dwight)English singer,songwriter

Hercules in Pop Culture

  • HerculesRoman version of the name of a demigod in Geek mythology who performed 12 labors, basis for characters in Disney's "Hercules," a Marvel Comics superhero, and a minor character in Rick Riordan's "Heroes of Olympus" series
  • Barry Herculescharacter in puppet TV series Star Fleet/X Bomber
  • "HerculesHercules!" Eddie Murphy line in "The Nutty Professor"
  • "Hercules" song by Sara Bareilles