Punic and Assyrian
"grace of Baal, god of fertility and fortune"

Hannibal Origin and Meaning

The name Hannibal is a boy's name of Assyrian origin meaning "grace of Baal, god of fertility and fortune".

These days, it's thought of less as the name of the great general and more as the first name of Lecter the fictional cannibal. Either association is too heavy for a child to bear.

Hannibal Popularity

Famous People Named Hannibal

  • HannibalCarthaginian general who hounded Rome in the Second Punic War (218,201 BC)
  • Hannibal Hamlin15th Vice President of the US (1861,5)
  • Hannibal Amir BuressAmerican comedian
  • Hannibal Lokumbe (born Marvin Peterson)American jazz trumpeter
  • St. Hannibal Mary di FranciaItalian Saint of the Roman Catholic Church and Rogationist
  • (Hannibal) Hamlin GarlandAmerican novelist and short story writer
  • Hannibal Muammar Gaddafison of former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi
  • Hannibal Ingalls KimballAmerican businessman
  • Hannibal Hawkins MacarthurAustralian colonialist and businessman
  • Hannibal NaviesAmerican NFL player
  • Hannibal SehestedDanish Governor,general of Norway
  • Hannibal PenneyAmerican actor best known for playing Dr. Clem Moultrie in the 1975 show “Ryan’s Hope”.
  • Hannibal LanhamAmerican calisthenics athlete and YouTuber, under the name “Hannibal For King”.

Hannibal in Pop Culture

  • Hannibal Lectercharacter in a series of horror novels and films by Thomas Harris
  • Hannibal Smithplayed by Liam Neeson in "The A,Team"
  • Hannibal Chollopfrom "Martin Chuzzlewit" (1844) by Charles Dickens
  • Hannibal KingDetective character in the Marvel comics
  • Hannibalan elephant character in the 'Heroes Of Olympus' series
  • Hannibal Bates aka Everymancharacter on TV's "The Flash"
  • Hannibal NiccalsMurdoc of the Brit band Gorillaz's brother.