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Rambo Origin and Meaning

The name Rambo is a boy's name .

Superhero names are fit for humans today, and there's no reason Rambo can't take his place among a generation of babies named Loki, Odin, and Atlas.

In the eponymous movie, Rambo is the character's surname, reportedly taken from the Rambo apple, named for Swedish immigrant to the US and farmer Peter Gunnarsson Rambo, who adopted the surname Rambo whih may mean "raven's nest".

Various reports say Rambo is rooted in the German, Scandinavian, French, or Slavic languages. Rambo is a homonym of Rimbaud, the name of the French poet with a very different vibe.

Famous People Named Rambo

  • Antonije "Rambo" AmadeusYugoslavian singer

Rambo in Pop Culture

  • John Rambothe aggressive protagonist (played by Sylvester Stallone) in the film "First Blood" (1982) and various sequels