Celebrity Baby Names: Word names are hot!

September 22, 2016 Abby Sandel

Once dismissed as crazy celebrity choices – remember Apple and Pilot – word names, for babies, thanks mostly to those celebs– have gone mainstream. From rising River to why-not Wolfe, many of the best boy names in 2016 are borrowed from the dictionary. They’re stylish, meaningful, and different, but still easy to say and spell, and starbaby parents from Liv Tyler to Terrence Howard have embraced the trend. Here are twelve of the best recent word names–they just might inspire a bold boy name choice for your own son.  By Abby Sandel.


Peaceful and powerful, River became a baby name possibility thanks to the late actor River Phoenix. Keri Russell chose it for her son way back in 2007, sparking a rise in more boys with the name. Now that bold baby namers extraordinaire Jools and Jamie Oliver have named their fifth child River, we can call this a mainstream favorite. River ranks Number 244 for boys in the US.

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