Celebrity Baby Names: Today’s hottest starbabies

October 4, 2012 Linda Rosenkrantz

When the name Mason jumped ten places to become the 2011 second most popular boy’s name in the country, it wasn’t just because more parents were noticing this pleasant occupational surname. No, anyone who had kept up with the Kardashians would know that cute little Mason Disick, featured on the E! Entertainment channel roughly a thousand times a week, had a lot to do with it.

For decades now, the names celebrities give their kids have had a tremendous effect on baby naming, one that has increased exponentially. From Ava to Willow, Maddox to Kingston, the proof is in the numbers.

So what are the latest starbaby influencers right now? We compared the fastest climbers on the Social Security list with the most popular baby names so far this year on Nameberry to pinpoint the most influential celebrity baby names today. They are:

Blue Ivy

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There was much ado around the birth of the Beyonce-JayZ baby last year, first about her names (‘Are you sure it’s not Ivy Blue?’) and then about the parents’ attempt to trademark it. Both names are on the upswing: Ivy has climbed 33 places on the Social Security list, 137% on Nameberry, whereas the hipper Blue hasn’t yet made its inevitable move to the national list, but it’s jumped a whopping 499% so far this year over last on Nameberry.


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