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name nerds
October 19th, 2020

You Know You’re a Name Nerd When….

By Linda Rosenkrantz

Are you a name nerd? Name lovers are usually born, not made, and our readers have been sharing all the eccentric habits that make them a name nerd!

september birth announcements
October 1st, 2020

Mighty Middle Names Add Fun!

By Emma Waterhouse

Nameberry’s September birth announcements include some seriously cool and original middle names – the perfect way to add pizzazz to a baby name combo!

September 30th, 2020

How I Named My Baby: Calla Grace

By Sophie Kihm

Moms Jodie and Andrina chose the baby name Calla Grace for their now nine-month-old daughter. Jodie talks to us about the process of choosing Calla’s name.

baby name everett
September 16th, 2020

How I Named My Baby: Everett Holston

By Sophie Kihm

Tennessee mom Kellie Brown answers our questions about how she and her husband B.J. chose the baby name Everett Holston for their son.

august birth announcements
September 3rd, 2020

Naming Multiples in Style!

By Emma Waterhouse

August’s Babyberry birth announcements are in! Several sets of twins and triplets joined the crew this month – find out their amazing names here.

baby name zola
September 2nd, 2020

How I Named My Baby: Zola Antoinette

By Sophie Kihm

Ashley and Donald Rouse chose the baby name Zola Antoinette for their daughter — Ashley talks to us about their naming process.

baby name Magnolia
August 19th, 2020

How I Named My Baby: Magnolia James

By Sophie Kihm

Jacqueline and Dan Brown chose the baby name Magnolia James for their daughter born this June. Here, Jacqueline talks to us about their naming process.

baby name thora
August 5th, 2020

How I Named My Baby: Thora Elkie

By Sophie Kihm

Rhiannon Stone, mother to Addison, Poet, Zephyr, and Thora, answers our questions about how she chose the baby name Thora Elkie for her youngest daughter.

july birth announcments
August 3rd, 2020

July Babyberries Arrive in Style!

By Emma Waterhouse

Our July birth announcements are in! They range from cool classics with sweet vintage nicknames, to some seriously rare middle names. See them all here.

names and maternal age
July 12th, 2020

Younger Parents Most Adventurous Baby Namers

By Emma Waterhouse

Offical US stats on popular baby names by maternal age are hard to come by, so we’ve used our own data to investigate how age influences our naming style.