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by Linda Rosenkrantz

When I looked at all the cool new names posted on our Birth Announcement forum in April, I was struck not only by the actual choices (fabulous as always), but by the care, research and negotiations that shaped them. Take a look at the unique stories behind Juniper, Beckham, and Riven, for instance.

Some excellent examples of the new, vibrant single-syllable middles for girls: Jade, Plum and Wynn. And an outstanding middle on the boys’ list: Telemachus (wish we knew the story behind that!)

Here’s the complete roster:

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What’s Your Personal Top 10?

Combing through the Nameberry Top 100 and Top 1000 lists each year is one of our very favorite things to do! Where else would you find such diverse delights as Atticus and Aryan, Ada and Amara, all ranking in the Top 20 baby names for 2018?

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Unique Baby Names, Nameberry Style!

By Emma Waterhouse

As part of our recent 10th anniversary celebrations, we took a lingering look back across a whole decade of brilliant Babyberry birth announcements: from sweet, vintage Vera Adelaide to suave Sterling Atlas. So many incredible names!

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What’s Your Naming Style?

“Euro-inspired chic”

 “Eclectic British aristocracy”

 “Lionhearted yet fun”

 “Whimsical and fairytale-esque”

 “Frilly, with just enough clunkiness not to swing princess”

These are just a few of the fantastic descriptions our members came up with in this recent thread on the subject of naming styles from the Nameberry Forums.

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How to Calm a Crying Baby

calm a crying baby

by Pamela Redmond Satran

There are lots of articles, books, products, and videos that promise to teach you how to calm a crying baby. Many of them work…sometimes.

And then there are those times when nothing seems to work, no matter how many crazy things you try. Here’s a minute-by-minute playbook of those real-life times:

2:01 P.M. Baby goes down for nap. Husband takes 3-year-old and dog to park so you can rest. House completely quiet for first time since baby was born.

2:03 Baby starts crying. You calmly and gently pick her up and say in a soft, soothing voice, “It’s okay, sweetie. Mommy’s here.”

2:05 Hold her firmly against your body, rocking to bring up any uncomfortable air bubbles.

2:07 While supporting her with your left hand, tenderly rub her back with your right hand.

2:18 Walk around the house with an exaggerated bounce, singing Patsy Cline’s “Crazy.”

2:22 Walk faster.

2:25 Sing louder.

2:31 Finally locate one of the 36 pacifiers strategically placed around the house, which baby immediately spits out of reach behind the sofa.

2:33 Scream “Honey!” Then remember the park. What made him think he was doing you a favor?

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