Best Personalized Products for Children

Best Personalized Products for Children

Remember when you could only find common names on personalized items? The souvenir racks were filled with tchotchkes labeled Stephanie and David, but unless you had a Top 100 name, you were out of luck.

Thankfully, the age of the Internet has allowed custom personalization. Every child deserves to have their name on something!

We've rounded up some of our favorite customizable products so your baby can wear their name loud and proud — whether it's in the Top 10 or totally one-of-a-kind.

Graphic Blankets

The personalized blankets from BaubleBar make a striking addition to any nursery (or big-kid bedroom). They come in dozens of patterns and colorways, so you're sure to find a blanket to fit your aesthetic.

Classic Backpacks

L.L. Beans' iconic backpacks are easy to customize with your child's name or initials. Multiple colors, styles, and sizes are available to choose from. For extra personalization, get a matching lunchbox. If your child forgets it at school, anyone will know where to return it.

Denim Jackets

Maisonette offers a variety of denim jackets that you can customize with your child's name and favorite patches.

The top style, made by Keen To Be Seen, is available in sizes 6 months to 6 years and also comes in white. The lower style is produced by Little Chicken and has sizes ranging from 2 to 10 years. Ice cream and butterfly styles are also available.

Hooded Bath Towels

Your child may not love to take a bath, but a personalized bath towel with their favorite animal might make it more enticing. These cult favorites from Lands' End currently come in five different kid styles are two baby styles.


The future looks bright in these trendy sunglasses, which you can customize with your child's name or initials. The toddler sunglasses, sold in the white circular and green floral styles, are made by Little Bows & Toes and sold via Maisonette.


Whether your child is writing thank-you-notes, messages for their friends, or letters to Grandma, correspondence is always better on well-designed personal stationery. Minted is the hub for customizable paper goods. There are over 100 designs to choose from, each with multiple colorways.

Seagrass Bag

These adorable seagrass bags are the perfect place for your child to collect treasures or stash beloved trinkets while you're on the go. Made by Sea & Grass, you can add any name up to seven letters, and choose from 11 different thread colors.

Personalized Storybooks

To a kid, there's nothing more thrilling than seeing their name in a book. Pre-internet, it required luck (and scouring the children's book section of the library) to find a story that featured your child's name. Now, you can make one yourself. The Tot has a variety of customizable book options, all with A+ illustrations.

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