Newest Babyberries Are Blossoming

Newest Babyberries Are Blossoming

This Spring has brought along 19 new birth announcements from our very own Nameberry users — 15 girls and 4 boys — and 43 unique names.

This has been the most girl-heavy season on Nameberry to date, which means a stunning array of girl names across many styles.

The most popular initial for baby girls by far this Spring was the letter A, with Babyberries named Adah, Aria, Arwen, Audrey, and Augusta.

Underused classics made many appearances, such as Augusta, Marcella, Claudia, and Winifred. Balancing these out were several chic modern choices including Capri, Rowan, and Persephone.

Quirky vintage boy names were the theme of this season for boys as well, including Hugo, Rafferty, and Angus.

Wren and Ren remain a fashionable choice for any gender, featured this Spring as a nickname (full name Renwick) and as a middle name for Babyberries.

Several names were spotted for the first time in a Babyberry birth announcement. These include Adah, Catalina, Maret, and Olenna for girls, and Harmon and Renwick for boys.

Without further ado, please welcome the 19 newest Babyberries born in the Spring of 2024.


Adah June, twin of Aria Capri

"When I was younger I used to watch a girl named Ada(h), who tragically passed away while she was still a little girl. We remain very close to their family to this day, and we both absolutely adore the name. June (Her middle name) is actually the month of our anniversary, which is just a bonus to a really cute middle name!"

Aria Capri, twin of Adah June

"Aria sounded great with Adah, and they’re both A names, so that worked. Capri, Italy is where we went for our honeymoon, and I LOVE the sound of it as a middle name. Aria Capri just felt like the perfect name."

Arwen Catalina

"Big sister is disappointed her name is not Emerald but in the end she just looked more like an Arwen."

Audrey Helene, sister to Harry, Jack, and Isla

Augusta Ingrid, sister to Marielle, Cora, Nikolai, and Blaise Louie

"We love how old school, clunky, and artsy, yet sunny, regal and grand her name is! Even though it’s very rare, it’s well known and I think it somehow fits in nicely with a lot of the more popular names today. Augusta’s presence in the ‘Importance of Being Earnest’, reminds me of my own grandfather, Ernie."

Claudia Josephine, sister to Augustine, Elizabeth Catherine, and Jesse Nicolai

"I love this name for its femininity-without-frills, its recognizability, and what I feel is a hint of chic! Josephine means “God will increase” - I love how open-ended that is! Way back when, I dreamed I was pregnant, took a pregnancy test, and that positive test is this little girl! The Josephs in the Old and New Testaments are both given important dreams"

Estelle Cordelia

"Her dad and I were stuck on 2 other names (Cecily and Violet, both beautiful) for a while, and once we brought in some new blood we found the right one! Cordelia is my grandmother’s middle name."

Julia Maret Christine, twin of Hugo Ernest Harmon

"In the end we decided to use only family names, even though we still love the names Adah, Leonor and Joshua."

Marcella Jane Rose "Marcie", sister to Gilbert John Joseph

"Marcella is from my family tree. We love that just like Gilbert, it’s a name you’ve probably heard of but you’ve never met one. We also love how international it is. Jane was my husband’s mother’s name. My husband’s dad isn’t one to show emotion but he cried when he found out we’d included Jane’s name. Rose is my middle name and the name of my Nanna, her mum, her great grandma, her great great grandma etc. Marcie is, I think, the seventh Rose in the chain."

Olenna Philippa

"Olenna was the name that felt right in my heart for most of the pregnancy, I’d think of her as it during our prenatal yoga and when I’d think about her. I enjoy that it’s a variation of Ellen which was my grandmother's middle name, and the meaning felt strong and bright. Philippa is for my Dad Philip who passed away in 2016 (and Philip is also my eldest brother's middle name.)"

Persephone Anouk Sylvie Wren "Posy" + "Sephie"

"In Greek mythology, Persephone personifies springtime and the end of winter. The end of harder times and the coming of a time of warmth. We cannot think of a better name for this sweet rainbow baby, who brought an end to the winter period of our fertility journey. We wanted to chose a name in honour of Karrah’s Mum, Annette, and it was amazing to find such a wonderful name (Anouk) that represents not only her beautiful mother in meaning, but also her heritage and family. We chose Sylvie in memory and honour of Karrah’s beautiful Aunt, Sylvia, whom our family lost to cancer in 2022. Wrens represent qualities such as joyfulness, liveliness, cordiality, kindness, adroitness, and friendliness."

Rowan Tabitha

Serafina Nadia

"We loved that both names loosely honor family members and are also a nod to my polish heritage."

Violet Diana

"The name Violet was originally chosen to honor my husband’s late father, whose favorite color was purple. But the whole name also honors my grandma, whose name is Virginia Diane."

Winifred Pearl "Winnie", sister to Jemima Milly "Mima", Alban George, and Felicity Ember "Lissy"

"Winifred is from a welsh saint Winifred with a holy healing well in her honor. Our kids all have orthodox saint names. Pearl is after my mom who’s name is Peggy (means Pearl), also a nice touch is our engagement ring was super unique and had a Pearl."


Angus Michael, brother to Lachlan William and Hugo Jackson

"Thank you to everyone who helped me learn to like the name Angus when I was pregnant. I never loved it initially but my husband did so I tried really hard and did a lot of posts and research to help me learn to love it. He will be Gus for short sometimes but primarily Angus"

Hugo Ernest Harmon, twin of Julia Maret Christine

Rafferty Kenneth, brother to Liam Douglas

"My husband's only real requirement was an Irish name for his ancestry and to go with our surname (very Irish Mc- name) and Rafferty has been my favourite name ever for about 7 years, so I’m thrilled to have finally used it. His middle name is after my husband’s father, which we love. Our first son was named after my grandad and dad so it was fitting for our second boy to be named after husband's side."

Renwick William "Ren" + "Wick", brother to Alfie, Oz, and Gwyn

"To me, Renwick (which is listed as meaning either “raven village/settlement” or “roe village/settlement”) is a reminder of my great Creator’s providence. The raven association brings to my mind the account of God sending the birds to bring nourishment to the prophet Elijah while he was in hiding. It is also a reminder of the verses indicating that He cares for all of His creation, even the most common sparrow or raven."

Our warmest congratulations to all of the proud new parents!

If you’d like your child’s name to be featured in our next Babyberry blog post, tell us the name you chose and the story behind it over on our birth announcements forum.

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