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by Linda Rosenkrantz

Doesn’t it sometimes seem that just about any word in the dictionary can find its way onto a birth certificate these days? (Yes, looking at you, Kardashians!). And it’s not only color and flower and occupational nouns, but even adjectives and adverbs that were never conceived of as names before.

The current Social Security list is packed with word names of every description, many of which are rising in popularity. The list below divides the ascenders into distinctive categories–representing current trends–with those that have made the greatest leaps marked with an asterisk.

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Best Baby Names: Beyond the Top 1000

by Emma Waterhouse

Every year when the SSA baby name data is released, the big news stories are all about the names at the very top of the list: which have made it to that hallowed #1 spot, which have entered the Top 10 or Top 100, and which have made the most impressive leaps up the charts over the past 12 months.

But while it’s fun to follow trends and try to predict which names will make the cut, when it comes to actually choosing a name for a real-life baby, the most common requirement for the best baby names that we see from expectant parents who come to our Forums for help is “unusual, but not weird”.

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The Top Baby Names in Every State

by Sophie Kihm

The top baby names across America were once again Liam and Emma, but depending on where you live, you might not be able to relate. Emma took the top spot in only fifteen of the fifty states, while Liam led in  twenty — less than half the locales in the US.

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By Clare Green

The last couple of weeks have seen some big baby name stories in the news, including the release of the US 2018 popularity charts and a new baby for pop royalty – plus scintillating snippets from the rest of the world.

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The Hottest Nickname Names of 2018

by Sophie Kihm

We’ve taken a hint from the Brits, as nicknames are being used as given names more and more in the US each year. Liam outranks William, Lily is more common than Lillian, and names like Bella, Jack, Ellie, Eli, and Sadie are all in the Top 100.

These nicknames are all cool, but they’re not hot. A hot nickname is one that is climbing quickly, rising fifty or more places in the Top 1000. Nicknames often become hot thanks to pop culture references or due to similarities to other popular names.

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