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By Clare Green

This week’s news includes the US state data, names from the royal wedding, and some long-expected starbaby arrivals.

Top names of 2017: local favorites

The last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind of excitement over the new US name data for 2017. Highlights include some surprises in the Top 10 (with props to the readers who guessed the Top 10 boys’ and girls’ names almost right), and the ever-fascinating alternative popularity list of combined spellings. We’ve seen some exciting new entries to the Top 1000, and creative names rising further down the charts.

A week later, the most popular names in each state in 2017 were revealed. There’s a lot of data to chew over, but here are some state-level stories of the past week.

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By Josh Murray

We live in a world that is more connected than ever. World events influence politics, politics influences art, art influences culture, and it all influences the names we give our children.

In the twenty-first century, celebrities and other pop culture icons have played a large role in the naming landscape. For instance, in the last several years we’ve seen the meteoric rise of such names as Hendrix, Lennon and Presley, as parents look back to their musical favorites for naming inspiration. Pop culture influences can even be seen in the newly revealed 2017 Top 10. Logan had been a popular boys’ name in recent years, but it was in clear decline. That all changed with the 2017 release of the X-Men film titled Logan, catapulting the name to Number 5, the highest it has ever charted in the United States. So when baby names and the entertainment industry intersect, anything can happen.

Below are twelve names outside the US Top 1000 that have direct ties to popular culture:

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Little Prince Louis Special Report

By Clare Green

This week’s news is a royal baby name special – plus an unusual tough word name, and the names Kim and Kanye almost used.

Royal baby name: read all about it!

The biggest name story of the week is, of course, the British royal baby.

A week ago, we were on the edge of our seats waiting to find out the new prince’s name. On Friday, it was announced as Louis Arthur Charles, much to everyone’s surprise. Not that the names themselves are surprising: it’s more the repetition of one of his brother George’s middle names, Louis, and another Charl– name like his sister Charlotte.

By now, the public and the press have thoroughly dissected the name choice, and whatever you may think of it, Louis Arthur Charles feels almost part of the royal furniture now.

There’s been lots of comment about why the Cambridges chose Louis, from the obvious family connections to more tenuous links – like that Catherine wrote her university dissertation on Lewis Carroll’s photography, and used some of his pictures for an art exhibition in February. (Aside: if you had to name a child after something you studied for an assignment or thesis, what would you choose?)

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By Linda Rosenkrantz

Much to everyone’s amazement, from British naming experts to the betting public, Louis Arthur Charles is the name of the new British prince, Queen Elizabeth’s sixth great-grandchild and fifth in line to the throne.

After four days of nail-biting anticipation and speculation, the name of His Royal Highness Prince Louis (pronounced Lou-ee) of Cambridge was announced on Twitter by Kensington Palace. Louis was the distant tenth choice of prognosticators, who had put their money on Arthur, Albert, James or Alexander. The fact that Louis was already a middle name of older brother Prince George made it seem an even more unlikely choice.

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Prince William and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have revealed the name of their third child: LOUIS ARTHUR CHARLES.

That’s right. After months of speculation, the new royal baby name is here. And it’s a huge surprise to everyone

Prince Louis Arthur Charles, born on April 23, is now fifth in line to the British throne, behind his grandfather, father and elder siblings Prince George and Princess Charlotte. He is the first prince to be preceded in the order of succession by a sister.

Not totally in accordance with the conventions for royal baby names, each of Prince Louis‘s three names nevertheless honors someone of significance to the royal family. Louis is one of the middle names of Princes William and George and honors Louis Mountbatten, the Duke of Edinburgh’s mentor who was killed by an IRA bomb in 1979, Arthur (one of the public’s favorites) was a middle name of William, Charles and King George VI, the Queen‘s father and Charles, of course, refers to Prince Charles, the baby’s paternal grandfather.

royal boy names

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