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Nickname in the News: Hal

by Linda Rosenkrantz

Nickname name news! First Daughter and TV personality Jenna Bush Hager and her husband Henry have just announced the name of their third child and first son: Henry Harold Hager—to be known as Hal.  An extremely convenient nickname, actually, since Hal has long been used for both Henry and Harold.

So let’s take a closer look at Henry and Harold’s more nonchalant, independent offshoot—the suddenly cool and stylish again Hal.

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by Emma Waterhouse

Fantasy baby names for your own hypothetical starbaby is the focus of today’s Question of the week.

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Unique Baby Names in the News

By Emma Waterhouse

Unique baby names feature heavily in this week’s name news, from fresh word names chosen by high-profile parents to a centuries-old Indian naming tradition.

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photo by Lindsay Wiser

by Sophie Kihm

Our latest celebrity baby names Q+A:

We were so thrilled to talk to Elizabeth Holmes, journalist and creator of “So Many Thoughts.” She and husband Matt Stuart have two sons, and are expecting a daughter later this summer.

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New Top French Baby Names

By Clare Green

French baby names are just one feature of this week’s news. It also includes new popularity lists from several other countries, alternative ways to pick a baby name, and the ups and downs of sharing your name with someone famous.

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