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February Baby Names to Inspire You

By Meagan Burke

February baby names relate to a wide range of inspiring namesakes. The second and shortest month of the calendar year, February gets its name from the Latin term februum, meaning purification. February is often associated with love and there are a plethora of names to love with ties to this month. Let’s look at this list of February namesakes which includes names ranging from a state, to artists, to several visionaries.

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By Clare Green

This week’s news includes baby names inspired by volcanoes, rivers, footballers, Beatniks, Norse myth…and some very original inventions.

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Celebrity Baby Names: Coming Attractions!

by Sophie Kihm

How important to you is sibset cohesion? Many celebrity sibsets in this month’s group are remarkably harmonized—Nikki Sixx’s children all have edgy names perfect for the sons and daughters of a punk rocker. Courtney and Mario Lopez gave all of their kids very Italian names, and Jessa and Ben Seewald have sons with baby names inspired by notable members of their faith.

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Unique Baby Names, Nameberry Style!

By Emma Waterhouse

As part of our recent 10th anniversary celebrations, we took a lingering look back across a whole decade of brilliant Babyberry birth announcements: from sweet, vintage Vera Adelaide to suave Sterling Atlas. So many incredible names!

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Nickname Names: Birdie, Bobby and Bobby

By Clare Green

This week’s news includes another starbaby Birdie, some nicely-named goats, and naming issues with siblings, cousins and pets.

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