Name Guru to the Stars: Predictions for Halsey’s Baby Name

Name Guru to the Stars: Predictions for Halsey’s Baby Name

If you’ve been following along on Instagram, you’ve already seen my suggestions for Halsey’s baby name (make that suggestion, singular). I’m loving your picks as well — Story, Zuma, Pax (why didn’t I think of these?). There are some more big names on the roster this month, including NE-YO and Nick Carter. Plus, my predictions for the latest Hanson and Duggar baby names!

My top picks for Halsey and more are below, but let’s take a look at our contest updates from last month:

Kelly Rowland and Tim Weatherspoon welcomed a son named Noah Jon — a surprise choice given that his brother is Titan! As such, no one had a correct prediction.

Meghan Trainor and Daryl Sabara’s son Riley was born on February 8. Congratulations to our winner Audrey!

Jenny Slate revealed her daughter’s name is Ida Lupine, but neither I nor the Berries guessed it in time.

Bethany Hamilton and Adam Dirks named their son Micah — Amy Madill was our winner!

Morgan Stewart and Jordan McGraw welcomed a daughter named Row Renggli on February 16. Row is a rare and unexpected name — one that nobody guessed!

Our special royal baby name contest was won by Gabrielle Carolina, who accurately predicted that Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank’s son would be named August. Right on!

Think you can predict the next celebrity baby name? Enter our contests on Instagram! In the meantime, take a look at my choices for NE-YO, Nick Carter, and Halsey’s baby names.

Halsey & Alev Aydin

Gender: unknownSiblings: none

Halsey, I know your child’s name is going to have deep personal meaning, which means it’s probably something I haven’t even thought of. But in case you haven’t picked out the perfect baby name yet, I think I found the one for you — Evren. Evren seems pretty ideal — it’s Turkish (so, it ties back to Alev’s roots), it’s unisex (I have a feeling that might be your vibe), and it means “universe” — I know how much you like astrology! Plus, it’s super stylish yet very rare. I don’t know why you’d want any more options after Evren, but I did come up with some more — Soleil and Jupiter would be great for a girl, and I like Cosmic or Mars for a boy.

Girl: Electra, Evren, Jupiter, Meridian, Moon, Nyx, Rhapsody, Seren, Soleil, YaraBoy: Atlas, Beck, Cosmic, Evren, Mars, Phoenix, Omni, Solstice, Zephyr, Zeppelin

Lauren Kitt & Nick Carter

Gender: unknownSiblings: Odin Reign, Saoirse Reign

Lauren and Nick, you guys are lowkey cool baby namers. Saoirse and Odin are rad but not flashy, unpretentious and inspiring. Are you Berries? You’re expecting your third baby this April and I’m fairly confident the middle name will be Reign, but what about the first name? My guess is that it will as equally strong and evocative as the names of his or her older siblings. For a girl, I love Juno, which ties into the mythology element of Odin. Cleo and Paloma are two of my other favorites. If it’s a boy, I’m pushing for Bear — so cool! — but Magnus and Alaric are up there as well.

Girl: Annika, Astrid, Bellamy, Cleo, Imogen, Juno, Lyra, Marlowe, Paloma, RemiBoy: Alaric, Axel, Bear, Flynn, Lachlan, Magnus, Pax, Ronan, Stellan, Torin

Crystal Renay & NE-YO

Gender: unknownSiblings: Madilyn Grace, Mason Evan (previous relationship), Shaffer Chimere Jr., Roman Alexander-Raj

Crystal and NE-YO, you gave your youngest son a very distinguished, gentleman-ly name — Roman Alexander-Raj — so I expect your fifth (and final!) child to have a dignified name to match. Magnus was the first name that came to mind for a boy, and I also really like Amir and Damian. For a girl, my instinct is a longer or more feminine choice such as Amara or Aurora. But Demi is my longshot guess — it blends modern style and traditional roots, and I think it’s going to be a hot name in the coming years.

Girl: Amara, Aurora, Celeste, Demi, Eliana, Emani, Livia, Scarlett, Valentina, ZaraBoy: Adrian, Amir, Cairo, Cassius, Damian, Enzo, Magnus, Remington, Tristan, Xavier

Shawn Johnson & Andrew East

Gender: unknownSiblings: Drew Hazel

Shawn and Andrew, you named your daughter Drew after her dad, but I know that for you, a lot of its appeal lies in its modern, unisex sound. That’s definitely going to be emulated in your second child’s name, particularly if it’s a girl. I love Landry as a sister name for Drew, and Ellis and Arden hit the right notes as well. For a son, I see something tough and masculine — how about Maddox or Wilder?

Girl: Arden, Charlie, Eden, Ellis, Hadley, Landry, Quinn, Parker, Presley, TeaganBoy: Axel, Bryson, Everett, Grayson, Hendrix, Jett, Maddox, Rylan, Wilder, Wyatt

Kate & Zac Hanson

Gender: boySiblings: John Ira Shepherd, Junia Rosa Ruth, George Abraham Walker, Mary Lucille Diana

We love a Hanson baby name around here, so I was thrilled when you announced your pregnancy, Kate and Zac! It’s somewhat of a Hanson family tradition to call children by one of their middle names, which you do with three of your four kids — they’re known as Shepherd, Junia, Abraham/Abe, and Lucille/Lucy. So in this case, I’m predicting one of this baby boy’s middle names — or whichever name he will go by. It’s definitely going to be traditional, and I’m hoping for another vintage revival-type. My top choice is Ralph (so ready for a comeback!), and I like the alliteration of Harvey Hanson.

Boy: Emmaus, Franklin, Gideon, Harvey, Malachi, Micah, Phineas, Ralph, Theodore, Wilson

Jessa Duggar & Ben Seewald

Gender: unknownSiblings: Spurgeon Elliot, Henry Wilberforce, Ivy Jane

I’m really good at guessing Duggar baby names, and part of the reason is because there are so many children and grandchildren in the family that their name pool is constantly shrinking. So Jessa and Ben, I hope I haven’t accidentally suggested a name that’s already been used in your family (I did my best to check!), but I’ve certainly made that mistake before. For the sake of predicting your fourth child’s name, I’m disregarding Spurgeon, because it’s clear that names a la Henry and Ivy are your true style. That tells me you’re going to pick something traditional, well-liked, and currently fashionable. My favorites are Nora or Eloise for a girl, and Oliver or Wesley for a boy.

Girl: Charlotte, Claire, Eleanor, Eloise, Gemma, Lyla, Nora, Piper, Ruby, WillowBoy: Asher, Elias, Ezra, Lucas, Maxwell, Miles, Oliver, Owen, Theodore, Wesley

Shenae Grimes & Josh Beech

Gender: unknownSiblings: Bowie Scarlett

Shenae and Josh, your daughter is Bowie and your dog is Frankie, so I’d say that gender-neutral names are sort of your thing. Or, at least, names with gender-neutral style. Harlow feels unisex but is much more common for girls, and the same is true for Huxley, but for boys. And either of those would be great for your next baby! My actual top choices, though, are Hartley for a girl (it’s still under-the-radar for now!) and Zephyr for a boy.

Girl: Emerson, Harlow, Hartley, Indie, Juniper, Larkin, Monroe, Navy, Noa, SawyerBoy: Dash, Huxley, Miller, Phoenix, River, Rowan, Ryden, True, Wilder, Zephyr

Katy Tur & Tony Dokoupil

Gender: girlSiblings: Theodore “Teddy”

Katy Tur, I correctly predicted the name of your son Teddy, so let’s see if I can go two for two! Another fashionable classic seems to be in order. Something like Eleanor or Josephine would be a safe and expected choice (nothing wrong with that), but I also think you could choose a name that’s a little more distinctive — maybe Felicity or Eloise.

Girl: Cecilia, Charlotte, Eleanor, Eloise, Felicity, Josephine, Lucy, Margot, Phoebe, Willow

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