Name Guru to the Stars: Guessing Gal Gadot’s Baby Name

Name Guru to the Stars: Guessing Gal Gadot’s Baby Name

Gal Gadot’s baby name should be easy to predict. She’s set a precedent with her two older daughters — it’ll be a name that’s popular in Israel and fashionable in the US, one that will reflect her Jewish heritage. There are only so many options!


I feel like I probably, most likely, have her final choice among the names I predicted. But maybe she’ll go with something totally unexpected! It’s been happening a lot lately.

There were over a dozen celebrity baby name announcements in the past month, and many of them have totally surprised me. Let’s get caught up with the most notable:

Mandy Moore and Taylor Goldsmith welcomed their son August Harrison on February 20. They’re calling him Gus.

Hilaria and Alec Baldwin surprised us with the birth of their daughter María Lucía Victoria on February 25. She goes by Lucía or Marilu.

Morena Baccarin and Ben McKenzie had a son named Arthur on March 8. Congrats to our contest winner, Paige!

Katharine McPhee and David Foster named their baby boy Rennie — a family name on David’s side. Unsurprisingly, no one guessed that one!

On March 23, Ashley Tisdale and Christopher French welcomed their daughter Jupiter Iris. It was an unexpected choice that nobody predicted, but kudos to Clare for calling out Jupiter as a name to watch a few weeks prior.

Bindi Irwin and Chandler Powell named their little girl Grace (that’s right — not Stevie!) Warrior. The super cool middle name is in honor of Bindi’s late father Steve Irwin, who started the Wildlife Warriors foundation.

Hilary Duff and Matthew Koma had a baby girl on March 24 named Mae James. Not what I (or anyone else) saw coming with a sister named Banks Violet.

Try your hand at predicting celebrity baby names with our weekly Instagram contests! And get a sneak peek of who’s to come with my choices for Jason Derulo, Ellie Goulding, and Gal Gadot’s baby names.

Gal Gadot & Jaron Varsano

Gender: unknown

Siblings: Alma, Maya

Gal and Jaron, you are both Israeli, and you gave your daughters names that are very stylish in Israel and very wearable in the US as well. You’re definitely going to choose another cross-cultural Jewish baby name for this child, so that narrows down the options. For a girl, Liv or Noa are the obvious choices, but I also like Yael and Shai (each of which is more common for girls in Israel, but boys in the US). If it’s a boy, I wouldn’t be surprised if you went with a classic like Ben or Leo. Noam is a great choice that is in the Israeli Top Five.

Girl: Adele, Eden, Hila, Lia, Liv, Noa, Romi, Shai, Talia, Yael

Boy: Ben, David, Imri, Lenny, Leo, Lior, Noam, Ori, Oz, Ray

Jena Frumes & Jason Derulo

Gender: unknown

Siblings: none

Jena and Jason, you don’t have any other children for me to base these predictions off of, but I am convinced your child is going to have one of those names that’s cool to the max. You fit the profile — a young, attractive couple in the music industry — so a creative, modern name would be a good fit for this baby. Word names are big right now — I could see you going with something like Charm, Soul, or Pharaoh. I’m also feeling brisk names for boys like Cru, Cort, and Rush.

Girl: Aura, Azul, Charm, Coco, Dempsey, Emerald, Halo, Kendry, Navy, Soul

Boy: Cort, Cru, Dodge, Golden, Lion, Nile, Pharaoh, Rush, Zealand, Zuko

Ellie Goulding & Caspar Jopling

Gender: unknown

Siblings: none

You may be a popstar, Ellie, but you’re not going to choose a stereotypical popstar baby name. My guess is that this child’s name will be creative but conventional (at least by British standards). Caspar comes from a conservative family and you spend your time socializing with high society friends such as Princess Eugenie, so the name will definitely be traditional. I like Allegra or Felicity for a girl, and Harvey or Lucian for a boy.

Girl: Allegra, Aurelia, Celia, Colette, Della, Esme, Felicity, Florence, Ottilie, Phoebe

Boy: Chester, Harvey, Lucian, Lyle, Macsen, Magnus, Nicholas, Quentin, Wesley, Wilfred

Ilana Glazer & David Rooklin

Gender: unknown

Siblings: none

Ilana and David, I can say with fair confidence that your baby’s name is going to be fashionable, energetic, and, of course, Jewish. I’m less sure about how creative you’re going to get. There are the mainstream options, like Maya and Zoe, Asher and Leo. Or you could be trendsetters with choices like Pia or Raya, Zevi or Oz. Realistically it will be somewhere in the middle. My top picks are Zelda and Boaz.

Girl: Ivy, Liv, Maya, Noa, Pearl, Pia, Raya, Simone, Zelda, Zoe

Boy: Asher, Beck, Boaz, Felix, Jack, Leo, Micah, Oz, Wolf, Zevi

Abby Phillip & Marcus Richardson

Gender: girl

Siblings: none

Abby, you have gone on record saying you don’t like being the center of attention, which makes me think you’ll choose a relatively mainstream baby name for your daughter. Let’s stick to the Top 1000, but in all likelihood, the Top 500. Your dog is called Booker T., so I’m wondering if you may be inspired to use another Black hero name for your little girl. Maybe Maya (Angelou), Ruby (Bridges), or Zora (Neale Hurston).

Girl: Amelia, Clara, Maya, Molly, Monroe, Nora, Rosie, Ruby, Vivian, Zora

Teresa Palmer & Mark Webber

Gender: girl

Siblings: Isaac (previous relationship), Bodhi Rain, Forest Sage, Poet Lake (g)

Teresa and Mark, your children’s names have a clear pattern — a meaningful word-inspired first name plus a single-syllable nature middle. You’re having another girl, so I especially tried to think of names that paired well with Poet. My favorite is Echo — I like that it’s also two syllables — and Soleil is a close second. Season is more of a long-shot guess, but it’s a beautiful name that would be perfect for this sibset.

Girl: Dove, Echo, Indigo, Reverie, Saffron, Season, Soleil, Twyla, Vale, Vesper

Aja Naomi King & Dan King

Gender: unknown

Siblings: none

Aja and Dan, you are a couple that are up on the trends but not far ahead of them — for that reason, I think you’ll probably choose a name within the Top 250. Something still on the up-and-up that’s very likable and without hard edges. I’m thinking Josie or Willow for a girl, and Julian or Lucas for a boy.

Girl: Arya, Daisy, Ella, Grace, Josie, Juliette, Layla, Lucy, Willow, Zoey

Boy: August, Hayden, Henry, Isaac, Julian, Milo, Nolan, Lucas, River, Sebastian

Elle King & Dan Tooker

Gender: unknown

Siblings: none

As a rockstar and a tattoo artist, I feel like it’s almost certain that you are going to choose an edgy baby name, Elle and Dan. There are so many great options out there, even within the Top 1000, but I mostly went with unusual baby names for you two. My favorite girl name for you is Tuesday — how great is that alliteration? — but I could also see you going with something like Marlowe or Juno. If it’s a boy, Alistair was the first name that came to mind, and I also like Loyal and Ozzy.

Girl: Avalon, Bree, Delilah, Emerald, Indie, Juno, Marlowe, Tallulah, Tuesday, Vale

Boy: Alistair, Brighton, Dashiell, Loyal, Noble, Onyx, Ozzy, Rex, Ridge, Rivers

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