Celebrity Twin Names

Celebrity Twin Names

Celebrity twin names are double the double-trouble, carrying the pressure all of us feel for twin names to sound good in the twinset and in the broader sibset. But celebrities are choosing their twin names with the world watching.

Two celebrity couples this month are expecting twins—Morgan and Bode Miller and Cayley Stoker and Brandon Jenner. They each have older children, so I’m excited to see how their twins’ names fit into their sibsets. Many other celebrities are having singletons, including DJ Khaled, Quentin Tarantino, and Milla Jovovich. What do you think they’ll name their babies? Tell me your picks in the comments.

Daniella Pick and Quentin Tarantino

Gender: unknown

Siblings: none

Filmmaker Quentin Tarantino is an experienced namer—for movie characters, that is. Some of his more outlandish character names include Drexl, Alabama, and Santanico, but plenty of his characters have more mainstream names, such as Max, Bridget, and Calvin. So what will he name his first baby? His wife Daniella is Israeli, so a Hebrew name is a possibility. I do know one thing for sure—just like his movies, his child’s name is going to be stylized, and it definitely won’t be boring.

Girl: Astera, Avalon, Bellamy, Callista, Clio, Eliora, Libi, Salome, Tallulah, Zelia

Boy: Cassius, Evander, Gideon, Jethro, Joah, Lior, Noble, Rafferty, Whit, Zephyr

Nicole Tuck and DJ Khaled

Gender: boy

Siblings: Asahd Tuck

In 2016, DJ Khaled named his son Asahd, a strong Arabic name that means “lion.” He and wife Nicole recently announced that they are expecting their second son, and I expect the baby to have a name similar to his brother’s in both origin and sensibility. Something like Rashid, which means “righteous,” or Faiz, which means “victorious.”

Boy: Akram, Faiz, Haroun, Nasir, Osman, Rashid, Samir, Taj, Zahir, Zayn

Update: Hello, Aalam!

Milla Jovovich and Paul W.S. Anderson

Gender: girl

Siblings: Ever Gabo (g), Dashiel Edan (g)

Milla Jovovich’s daughters have unexpected, boyish names—Ever Gabo and Dashiel Edan. Milla explained that she and husband Paul W.S. Anderson were honoring Paul’s Scottish roots with the names Ever, Dashiel, and Edan, and Gabo is a blend of her parents’ names, Galina and Bogie. Milla is pregnant with their third daughter, and if she and Paul follow their established pattern, this baby girl with have a masculine Scottish first name. My top picks are below.

Girl: Aberdeen, Alistair, Baird, Breck, Callum, Graham, Lachlan, Logan, Mirren, Rory

Update: Baby girl is Osian Lark Elliot!

Morgan Beck and Bode Miller

Gender: twin boys

Siblings: Neesyn Dacey, Samuel Bode (previous relationships), Nash Skan, Emeline Grier, Easton Vaughn Rek

Olympic skier Bode Miller and his wife Morgan are adding identical twin boys to their family! The couple are parents to sons Nash and Easton, both modern surname names. In keeping with that pattern, I’d love to see them use Beck, Morgan’s maiden name, as a twin baby name for one of their sons. It’s a perfect match for the sibset and would honor Morgan’s side of the family. As for the other twin, I think any of the following would be suitable:

Boy: Beck, Clay, Colton, Flynn, Ford, Hayes, Jude, Knox, Reid, Wyatt

Update: The boys are Asher and Aksel!

Chanel Iman and Sterling Shepard

Gender: unknown

Siblings: Cali Clay

Chanel Iman and Sterling Shepard welcomed their daughter Cali a little over a year ago, and soon will be adding another baby to the mix. Cali is the sunnier, more contemporary variation of Callie, which feels sweetly vintage. Should Chanel and Sterling want another nouveau name for their next son or daughter, I’ve got plenty of choices that would fit the bill.

Girl: Emmy, Gia, Henley, Lila, Maya, Nina, Nova, Sienna, Skye, Zoe

Boy: Caius, Cruz, Dash, Jett, Kai, Mack, Niko, Onyx, Rylen, Titan

Update: Hello, Cassie Snow!

Ashley Graham and Justin Ervin

Gender: unknown

Siblings: none

Model Ashley Graham and photographer Justin Ervin are expecting their first child together! They haven’t revealed the gender of their baby, but if it’s a girl I could see the couple going with something elaborate and feminine, but not too out-there or quirky. Similarly, if they have a son I expect he will have a name rooted in tradition but still modern enough for a baby born in 2020.

Girl: Amara, Ariel, Athena, Camille, Chloe, Eliana, Isabella, Madeline, Olivia, Viviana

Boy: Benjamin, Caleb, Carter, Elijah, Isaiah, Jonathan, Lucas, Maxwell, Nathaniel, Simon

Update: Welcome, Isaac Menelik Giovanni!

Hannah Billingsley and Shay Mooney

Gender: boy

Siblings: Asher James

Shay Mooney, of country duo Dan + Shay, and his wife Hannah are having their second son. Their older son is Asher James, James being Shay’s birth name. The name Asher began climbing the charts at incredible rates beginning in the mid-nineties, and now is one of the top American baby names at #47. It’s not hard to see why Asher is so likable—it’s soft but masculine, has biblical ties, and comes with the easygoing nickname Ash. Based on those factors, here are some other names I think Hannah and Shay should consider for their son:

Boy: Arlo, Beckett, Ezra, Henry, Julian, Luke, Milo, Noah, Theo, Sullivan

Cayley Stoker and Brandon Jenner

Gender: unknown twins

Siblings: Eva James (previous relationship)

It’s twins for Cayley and Brandon Jenner! Brandon’s three-year-old daughter is named Eva, a tailored and feminine name that’s never left the Top 400. Eva’s various qualities can be played up depending on the sibset. For a vintage-inspired sibset they could choose names like Clara, Samuel, or Thea. If they’re inclined more towards strong and on-trend names, Scarlett and Jameson would work. There’s been no word on whether the twins are identical or fraternal, girls or boys, but regardless, these are some twin baby names I think Brandon and Cayley may use for their babies:

Girl: Audrey, Clara, Isabelle, Juliette, Lily, Margot, Mila, Scarlett, Thea, Violet

Boy: Bentley, Cyrus, Elliot, Grant, Jameson, Leo, Luca, Rhett, Roman, Samuel

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