Scarlett Johansson's Baby Names: The Name Guru to the Stars Guesses

Scarlett Johansson's Baby Names: The Name Guru to the Stars Guesses

What will the Scarlett Johansson baby names be?

While I’m definitely disappointed that the Paris Hilton pregnancy rumors didn’t turn out to be true, I am pleased that, as far as I can tell, Scarlett Johansson is actually pregnant. Because now I get to predict Scarlett Johansson’s baby names! (A dream and an honor, truly). After a timeless, iconic name like Rose, I’m curious to see if Scarlett and Colin choose another ultra-classic or go with a name that’s more of the moment.

Check out my predictions for Scarlett Johansson baby names below, but first, take a look at the celebrity baby name reveals from the past month:

Gal Gadot and Jaron Varsano welcomed their third child, a daughter named Daniella! I missed the mark with this one.

Nick Cannon had his seventh child — fourth in under a year! — with Alyssa Scott. It’s a boy named Zen Scott. A relatively tame choice compared to Zion Mixolydian and Zillion Heir.

Halsey and Alev Aydin named their son Ender Ridley (rather than Evren, as I suggested). Nobody else guessed it either!

On July 18, Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald welcomed their fourth child, a baby girl named Fern Elliana.

Shawn Johnson and Andrew East named their son Jett James — a correct prediction!

Tan and Rob France named their baby boy Ismail, born on July 10.

Enter our Instagram contests on Tuesdays for the chance to win $100 if you beat me, the Name Guru to the Stars! But now, get a first look at the celebrities we’ll be covering over the next month, and my predictions for Freida Pinto, Gael García Bernal, and Scarlett Johansson’s baby names.

Scarlett Johansson & Colin Jost Baby Names

Gender: unknown

Siblings: Rose Dorothy (previous relationship)

Scarlett and Colin, this is your first child together, a sibling for Scarlett’s daughter Rose. Rose is a sweet and classic vintage name — if you want to follow that same formula, try something like Alice, Eve, or Lucy for a girl, Henry or James for a boy. But Rose also fits nicely with traditional names that are more susceptible to trends, like the currently fashionable Margot and Sylvie, Jasper and Franklin.

Girl: Alice, Clara, Esme, Eve, Fiona, Harriet, Louisa, Lucy, Margot, Sylvie

Boy: Calvin, Clark, Elliott, Franklin, Henry, James, Jasper, Julian, Miles, Spencer

Freida Pinto & Cory Tran Baby Names

Gender: unknown

Siblings: none

Freida and Cory, you share a love of travel and nature, which I suspect will be reflected in your baby’s name. Luckily, nature names have never been more popular, so there are a wide range of options for you to choose from. On the more common side, we have names like Journey and Willow for girls, Wilder and River for boys. Or go ultra-rare with something like Meridian or Summit. You may opt to use a name that connects to a meaningful place in your lives, maybe Alaska or Kaveri, Atlas or Everest. Here are my picks for Freida Pinto baby names:

Girl: Alaska, Delphi, Journey, Juniper, Kaveri, Lotus, Meridian, Nile, Willow, Zinnia

Boy: Atlas, Bridger, Canyon, Everest, Miles, Ocean, River, Summit, Wilder, Zenith

Fernanda Aragonés & Gael García Bernal Baby Names

Gender: unknown

Siblings: Emilia, Lázaro, Libertad (previous relationships)

How do you blend two very different naming styles? Fernanda and Gael, that is your challenge to figure out! Fernanda, your daughter is Emilia, a stylish, well-liked choice, while Gael, your children have the unusual, avant-garde names Lázaro (a vintage revival) and Libertad (a Spanish word name meaning “freedom”). My hunch is that you’ll lean more toward the uncommon side with these names. I like Olimpia or Brisa for girls, Aurelio and Evardo for boys. Here are more options for Gael Garcia Bernal baby names:

Girl: Brisa, Genoveva, Jacinta, Nayara, Olimpia, Paloma, Silvana, Soraya, Tavia, Ventura

Boy: Aurelio, Cebrian, Erasmo, Evardo, Fausto, Feliz, Gonzalo, Isandro, Nicasio, Omero

Ashley Graham & Justin Ervin Baby Names

Gender: unknown

Siblings: Isaac Menelik Giovanni

Ashley Graham baby names are very likable. Ashley and Justin, you chose the classic, handsome name Isaac for your son, born in 2020. It has religious significance to you, so another traditional Biblical name is likely in order. Micah is the current favorite in that category for boys, but I could also see you going with a more tried-and-true choice like Noah or Jacob. With girls, there’s more room for creativity. You could use a virtue name like Grace, or a symbolic name like Lily or Eden.

Girl: Amelia, Eden, Elizabeth, Grace, Hannah, Lily, Lucy, Maria, Selah, Shiloh

Boy: Benjamin, Caleb, Elijah, Ezekiel, Jacob, Josiah, Luke, Malachi, Micah, Noah

Yvonne Strahovski & Tim Loden Baby Names

Gender: boy

Siblings: William

Yvonne and Tim, you went very traditional when you named your son William, so I am not expecting anything wild or out-there for your second baby boy! Yvonne, you’re Australian, so I am wondering if you might go with a choice that’s currently more common on your home continent than here in the US. Some of the great names that apply: Theodore, Oliver, Arthur, and Jack. Even if it’s more common in the US (like Alexander, for example), this name is going to be a classic, sophisticated choice.

Boy: Alexander, Arthur, Harvey, Henry, Jasper, Jack, Lucas, Oliver, Oscar, Theodore

Audrey & Jeremy Roloff Baby Names

Gender: unknown

Siblings: Ember Jean, Bode James

I feel like I’ve got a good grip on your style, Audrey and Jeremy. Ember and Bode are two on-trend names with recent origins, so I’m extending the pattern with baby number three. You’re due in November, which makes Nova a cheeky choice (plus then you’d have Nova and Ember as sisters. Too much?). But my top choices for a daughter are Winter and Indie. If it’s a boy, I’m seeing another high-energy name — Nash or Wells seem likely.

Girl: Aspen, Indie, Juniper, Lennon, Liv, Navy, Nova, Remi, Willow, Winter

Boy: Crew, Dash, Grayson, Ford, Hayes, Jett, Mack, Nash, Wells, Wilder

Isabel Rock & Jacob Roloff Baby Names

Gender: boy

Siblings: none

Another Roloff baby! Isabel and Jacob, you’re expecting your first child — a boy! — and I have a feeling his name is going to have a connection to nature. Your style can be described as accessible bohemian, so let me translate that into baby name terms. These are on-trend names — the kind that seem less popular than they actually are — with ties to the natural world or the arts and creativity. I like the idea of River Roloff, and Asher feels like a name you both would love.  

Boy: Asher, Atticus, August, Brooks, Kai, Lennox, River, Sage, Shepherd, Wilder

Martha Hunt & Jason McDonald Baby Names

Gender: unknown

Siblings: none

Martha and Jason, this is your first baby, so you could go in pretty much any direction with his or her name. But supermodel baby names tend to be dramatic and romantic — particularly for girls. I chose a collection of extremely stylish, mostly neglected girl names for you. I could see you with an Ingrid or a Story, maybe a Billie. I stuck closer to the mainstream with boy names. Hunter is an easy play on your surname, Martha, but something like Truman, Harvey, or Arlo may be more up your alley.

Girl: Billie, Darcy, Guinevere, Ingrid, Juno, Maeve, Mika, Story, Viola, Winter

Boy: Arlo, Dashiell, Declan, Fletcher, Gus, Harvey, Hayes, Hunter, Ronan, Truman

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