Princess Beatrice's Baby Names: The Name Guru to the Stars Places Her Bets

Princess Beatrice's Baby Names: The Name Guru to the Stars Places Her Bets

There’s another Royal baby on the way —  time to place your bets on Princess Beatrice's baby names! Princess Beatrice recently announced that she and husband Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi are expecting a baby this Fall.

It’s been a Royal baby boom, with the recent arrival of Princess Eugenie’s son August and Zara and Mike Tindall’s son Lucas, as well as Meghan Markle’s pregnancy — her and Prince Harry’s daughter is due very soon!

Which names are on the list for Princess Beatrice? I’ve made my predictions below.

But first, these are the most notable name reveals of the past month:

Christian Milian and Matt Pokora welcomed a son in April named Kenna — an unexpected choice!

On April 29, Ellie Goulding and Casper Jopling named their baby boy Arthur Ever Winter.

Samira Wiley and Lauren Morelli welcomed a baby girl named George Elizabeth on April 11.

Katy Tur and Tony Dokoupil had a daughter named Eloise Judy Bear on May 17 — a correct (non-contest) prediction by me!

And Jena Frumes and Jason Derulo named their baby boy — born May 8 — Jason King. Not quite a junior!

Enter our Instagram contests on Tuesdays for the chance to win $100 if you beat me at guessing celebrity baby names. Here’s a preview of the stars we’ll be covering this month, and my predictions for Ludacris, Thomas Rhett, and Princess Beatrice’s baby names.

Princess Beatrice & Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi Baby Names

Gender: unknown

Siblings: Christopher WoolfWolfie” (previous relationship)

Royal baby names have been moving away from the steady classics although, for the most part, members of the Royal family have been using baby names with traditional roots. I expect no different from you, Beatrice! Edo, though raised in England, is Italian nobility, so many bettors are expecting an Italian name from you two. Florence or Roman would be a cheeky, fashionable nod, and names such as Luca, Matteo, and Aurora (a top name in Italy) would also suffice. But I’m not convinced the name will be necessarily Italian — Arabella or Clara, Frederick or Magnus are great choices as well. Your stepson is Christopher, called Wolfie, so I’m also excited about the possibility of a cool nickname.

Girl: Antonia, Arabella, Aurora, Clara, Eleanor, Emilia, Florence, Isabella, Matilda, Theodora

Boy: Albert, Frederick, Hugo, Jasper, Luca, Magnus, Matteo, Roman, Theodore, Vincent

Lauren Akins & Thomas Rhett Baby Names

Gender: girl

Siblings: Willa Gray, Ada James, Lennon Love

Lauren and Thomas, you’re having another girl! I really thought I had a grip on your style, but last time you threw me for a loop with Lennon rather than another vintage girl name. I’m tempted to bridge the gap with something like Harlow, but I could also see you going with something more androgynous like Finley or Sloane, or back to the sweetly old-fashioned like Hazel or Thea. Whatever you choose, it's going to be lovely like the rest of the Thomas Rhett baby names.

Girl: Emory, Finley, Harlow, Hazel, June, Mabel, Rose, Rowan, Sloane, Thea

Eudoxie Bridges & Ludacris Baby Names

Gender: unknown

Siblings: Karma, Cai Bella (previous relationships), Cadence Gaelle

Ludacris, each of your girls have names that start with a hard C or K, so I’m doubling down on this theme for baby number four. Eudoxie, you’re from Gabon and speak French, so Cadence was the perfect choice for your daughter as it is a French and English word name. In a similar vein, I like Calais or Cerise for a girl and Croix for a boy. But you may also like something like Corinne or Coco, Carlisle or Castle.

Girl: Calais, Cameo, Cassia, Celia, Cerise, Charm, Cherie, Ciel, Coco, Corinne

Boy: Cache, Carlisle, Carmine, Carrick, Carver, Castiel, Castle, Chance, Croix, Cruise

Jennifer Love Hewitt & Brian Hallisay Baby Names

Gender: unknown

Siblings: Autumn, Atticus

Jennifer and Brian, you weren’t expecting to have a third child, so you probably didn’t anticipate the important decision you’re now faced with: choose another A name or avoid a theme? I, for one, am split. I could see you going either way! Here’s what I do know — this baby’s name is going to be very on-trend and it will have strong gender ties. If you decide to stick with As, my top choices would be Adeline and Archer. If not, I like Ivy and Jasper.

Girl: Adeline, Amalia, Amaya, Astrid, Aurelia, Ivy, Lyra, Melody, Piper, Willow

Boy: Alden, Archer, Arlo, August, Axel, Holden, Jameson, Jasper, Paxton, Roman

Morgan & Bode Miller Baby Names

Gender: girl

Siblings: Dace (g), Nate (previous relationships), Nash, Emeline, Easton, Asher, Aksel

Morgan and Bode, you are on top of the baby name trends. You’ve pretty much chosen all your children’s names at peak hotness — honestly, it’s impressive. You said that this is going to be your last baby, and it’s a girl! Something like Gracelyn or Maisie would work well with this sibset and have sweet nicknames Gracie and Mae. Here, more options for Bode Miller baby names:

Girl: Adelaide, Evelyn, Everleigh, Gracelyn, Juliette, Juniper, Lilah, Maisie, Rosalie, Vivienne

Dylan Dreyer & Brian Fichera Baby Names

Gender: boy

Siblings: Calvin Bradley, Oliver George

Dylan, I hear you’re looking for baby name advice — why didn’t you reach out sooner? You’re due with a third boy in November, and I bet he’ll have another stylish and softly masculine name. Wesley was the first one that came to mind — how perfect with Calvin and Oliver! My other favorites are Jasper, Theodore, and Graham.

Boy: Asher, Beckett, Bennett, Elliott, Graham, Jasper, Simon, Spencer, Theodore, Wesley

Lauren Lapkus & Mike Castle Baby Names

Gender: girl

Siblings: none

Again, Lauren, you really should have called. We’re from the same hometown — our families know each other! — and I know you know what I do. This is your first child (a girl!), which usually makes it difficult for me to make predicitons, except I know what all your friends are naming their babies, which gives me some clues about your taste. I think your daughter will have a name that’s slightly quirky but not too weird. Mike seems like a bit of a hipster, so maybe a vintage revival like Lettie or Edith (nicknamed Edie, of course). But I’m hoping you’ll go for a name style that’s less expected and end up with something like Darcy or Gaia.

Girl: Billie, Darcy, Edith, Gaia, Laney, Lettie, Mae, Pia, Winnie, Zella

Danielle Fishel & Jensen Karp Baby Names

Gender: boy

Siblings: Adler Lawrence

Danielle and Jensen, you named your son Adler in 2019, putting you ahead of the modern Jewish surname trend. I have some questions (Is it an honor name? Is it important to you to use Jewish names? Get back to me on those). I’m not sure you’re going to go the same direction for your next son, although I kind of hope you do because there are some great options! My favorite choice for Adler’s brother is Eisen, a super rad, ultra-rare surname that was only given to 20 baby boys last year. I also like Springer, which is totally one-of-a-kind. And names that are less surname-y, but still cool — Bram and Oren.

Boy: Beck, Bram, Eisen, Eliot, Lowen, Meyer, Oren, Springer, Tobin, Wolf

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