Cardi B's Baby Names: The Name Guru to the Star's Predictions

Cardi B's Baby Names: The Name Guru to the Star's Predictions

Cardi B baby names are always surprising. What goes with Kulture? Two of Offset’s older children have K names, so that’s a running theme at this point. Another word name — which are especially trendy among celebrities right now — would pair well with Kulture.

You can see my predictions for Offset and Cardi B baby names below, but first, check out the contest winners and celebrity baby name reveals from the past month:

Emma Stone and Dave McCary welcomed a daughter named Louise Jean — a reverse of Emma’s grandmother’s name, Jean Louise!

Lauren and Nick Carter’s daughter is Pearl — I was way off!

Abby De La Rosa and Nick Cannon named their twins Zion Mixolydian and Zillion Heir. Zillion was a total surprise, but congrats to @juno.clementine who correctly guessed Zion!

Another set of boy/boy twins from Kasi Bennett and Usain Bolt — Saint Leo and Thunder.

Liv Lo and Henry Golding revealed the name of their daughter, born on March 31, to be Lila.

Crystal Smith and NE-YO named their daughter Isabella Rose.

Enter our Tuesday Instagram contests for the chance to win $100 if you can beat the Name Guru to the Stars! Today, see a sneak peak of the stars we’ll be covering over the next month, and my predictions for Usher, Lance Bass, and Cardi B’s baby names.

Cardi B & Offset Baby Names

Gender: unknown

Siblings: Jordan, Kody, Kalea (previous relationships), Kulture Kiari

Cardi B and Offset, you created a brand-new baby name when you welcomed your daughter Kulture Kiari in 2018, and I have a feeling you’re going to do the same with this child. I’m sticking with the K theme given your older children’s names, Offset, and I tried my hand and inventing some of my own. I like the idea of Katalyst or Klever as a sibling for Kulture — or how about Kameo or Klassic?

Girl: Kameo, Kamera, Karma, Kashmere, Katalyst, Kindred, Klarity, Kolorful, Konfidence, Kruise

Boy: Kaliber, Kannon, Kingdom, Klassic, Klever, Korrect, Kosmic, Krew, Kross, Kurrency

Jenn Goicoechea & Usher Baby Names

Gender: unknown

Siblings: Usher V, Naviyd Ely (previous relationship), Sovereign Bo (g)

You get word names too, Jenn and Usher! Usher baby names are ultra-cool. Your nine-month-old daughter is named Sovereign Bo (Reign-Bo, so cute!), so chances are your next baby will have a word name to match. If you want to continue a nobility theme, Majestic would make an excellent sister name. I also like Gracious and Lux for a girl, and Stellar and Valor for a boy.

Girl: Brilliance, Clarity, Divine, Gracious, Honor, Lux, Majestic, Praise, Virtue, Wisdom

Boy: Bravery, Guardian, Levity, Luster, Splendor, Stellar, Superior, Truth, Valor, Worth

Lance Bass & Michael Turchin Baby Names

Gender: girl/boy twins

Siblings: none

Lance and Michael, you are going to welcome twins this November — a girl and a boy! You’ve gone on the record saying you want to use family names, which means these twins are likely going to have traditional, classic monikers. Lance, your first name is James, which has been passed down for generations in your family, so that would be the obvious choice for your son. Other classics like William and Andrew likely make your list as well. There are great girl names on your family trees as well — Daisy and Josephine are stylish and would fit your style.

Girl: Betty, Clara, Daisy, Eleanor, Elizabeth, Evelyn, Josephine, Phoebe, Viola

Boy: Andrew, Charles, Daniel, Jack, James, Joseph, Leo, Robert, William, Wilson

Colleen Ballinger & Erik Stocklin Baby Names

Gender: unknown twins

Siblings: Flynn Timothy

You’re expecting twins as well, Colleen and Erik, and like Lance and Michael, you want to use family names. But Coleen Ballinger baby names are a little diffferent. Your son Flynn has Erik’s middle name as his first name (what a bonus that it’s super cool!), so I searched your family trees to find other gems. Onyx is a rad family surname that’d be perfect for a son. I also really like Sullivan with Flynn. For a girl, a cute vintage nickname name like Hattie or Annie would be really sweet. You could also go with a more traditional full form like Katherine or Lillian and use a nickname such as Katie or Lily.

Girl: Alice, Annie, Elise, Eva, Hattie, Katherine, Lillian, Mae, Molly, Sophie

Boy: Anton, Beau, Charlie, Jasper, Onyx, Sullivan, Smith, Teddy, William, Wilson

Jazz Charton & Kieran Culkin Baby Names

Gender: unknown

Siblings: Kinsey Sioux

Jazz and Kieran, you have a daughter named Kinsey Sioux, nicknamed Zissou, so I’m excited (and curious) to hear what you’ll choose next. Kinsey itself is a familiar name, yet Zissou is one-of-a-kind, so I could see this going in a couple of different directions. It’ll either be a name that’s similar to your daughter’s given name, such as Lennon or Nova for a girl, Maddox or River for a boy. Or this baby will have a creative, out-of-the-box name a la Zissou — I like Isle, Ender, or Hopper. Here are more options for Kieran Culkin baby names:

Girl: Bellamy, Ireland, Isle, Joplin, Lark, Lennon, Nova, Pax, Scout, Sutton

Boy: Arrow, Auden, Blaze, Brenner, Hopper, Jenson, Maddox, River, Shaw, Solo

Jessica Hart & James Kirkham Baby Names

Gender: unknown

Siblings: Wren (previous relationship), Baby-Rae

What do you name a younger sibling to Baby? Jess and James, you really presented me with a challenge! Another term of endearment — like Buddy or Honey — might paint you into a corner if you have another child after this, but certainly would fit the sibset. Maybe it will just be another ultra-cutesy name such as Lulu or Pixie for a girl, Lucky or Teddy for a boy. Below are some Jess Hart baby name options:

Girl: Coco, Daisy, Dolly, Honey, Lulu, Missy, Penny, Pixie, Roxy, Trixie

Boy: Binx, Buddy, Buster, Jules, Lucky, Pip, Rocky, Skipper, Sonny, Teddy

Leigh-Anne Pinnock & Andre Gray Baby Names

Gender: unknown

Siblings: none

Leigh-Anne and Andre, this is your first child, and all signs are pointing to him or her having a very cool name. Your dogs are named Harvey and Kyro, both of which are fashionable in the UK, where you live. Additionally, younger couples like you tend to choose more trend-forward names. For a girl, a name like Indie or Nola seems to strike the right note. For a boy, maybe Roman or Atlas.

Girl: Alessia, Coco, Demi, Indie, Lyra, Myla, Nola, Remi, Stevie, Vienna

Boy: Atlas, Bowen, Enzo, Jude, Kingsley, Luka, Magnus, Odin, Phoenix, Roman

Ronda Rousey & Travis Browne Baby Names

Gender: unknown

Siblings: Kaleo, Keawe (previous relationship)

Ronda and Travis, this is your first child together, but Travis, your older sons have Hawaiian names that reflect your heritage. I’d love to see another Hawaiian name for this baby (they’re so stylish right now!), like Ailani or Halia for a girl, maybe Kaia if you want to keep up the K theme. Kainoa and Koa are the ones to watch for boys, although Makaio would make a striking choice as well. I also included non-Hawaiian names that are disproportionately popular in the state, such as Skye, Ocean, and Zephyr.

Girl: Ailani, Ānela, Halia, Hero, Kaia, Kailani, Mahina, Marcella, Remi, Skye

Boy: Atlas, Cruz, Kahiau, Kainoa, Koa, Makaio, Nakoa, Ocean, Onyx, Zephyr

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