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Kim and Kanye’s Baby Name

Kim and Kanye baby name

By Pamela Redmond Satran

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are parents to a new baby girl who still doesn’t have a name.

There are lots of jokes flying around, of course, about what the little sister of North and Saint might be named. East? Queen? Wild?

The new parents have declared themselves stumped, though they might be delaying the announcement to win themselves both a little privacy and a lot of publicity. But in case Kimye are really still searching, we applied our expert thinking to finding them the perfect baby name.

Starting with the couple’s established naming preferences, they clearly like unusual word names that contain one syllable, are gender-neutral, start with a unique first initial, and play off and highlight the last name West. Given those parameters, we offer the following suggestions:

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MLK Day Names: Today’s Female Activists

By Linda Rosenkrantz

In the past on Martin Luther King Day, we have honored some of Dr. King’s most inspiring fellow fighters in the original civil rights struggle. Today we focus on some of the impressive contemporary women who are carrying on that cause, including the three founders of Black Lives Matter and others who work through everything from politics to hip hop and rock.

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By Katinka

“We’re in the Aziz and Mindy era” — so says comedian Hari Kondabolu, discussing his recent documentary The Problem With Apu.

The hour-long special, dealing with the chronic under- and misrepresentation of South Asians in American pop culture, has generated a lot of buzz since it aired back in November. For decades, The Simpsons convenience store owner Apu (voiced by white actor Hank Azaria) was the only South Asian figure to regularly appear on mainstream American TV, setting the scene for the kind of stereotypical characterization which still persists to this day — take Raj from The Big Bang Theory, for example.

But things do seem, finally, to be looking up. In 2012, Mindy Kaling became the first person of South Asian descent to write and star in her own network TV show: The Mindy Project, which has just completed its sixth and final successful season. And the past few years have seen an increasing number of young South Asian personalities following in her footsteps to create their own shows and characters which challenge the Apu archetype.

It’s a welcome diversification of pop culture content and — from a name-lover’s perspective — a fascinating insight into a whole new world of names.

Here are some of the most recognizable monikers from this exciting new movement:

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British Baby Name Trends 2017

By Eleanor Nickerson

It’s time once again to look back at the most prevalent trends that have influenced baby names in Britain in 2017.


For girls, the hottest vowel sound has been O this year in the UK, especially if it made up the “or” sound. Notable this year are Aurora, Orla, Cora, Flora and Victoria and I’ve also got my eye on Nora and Nola to rise.

The likes of Aurora and Orla both ranked in the official provisional Scottish top 100 in 2017 as well and non-official polls for England (Bounty and Babycentre).

For boys, the Wil names have proven a hit this year. The evergreen William is always in style, but this year, vintage Wilfred has also been making a big comeback to the limelight since it fell out of favour in the 1930s.

Not insignificantly, cuddly Wilbur has also been popping up in several birth announcements this year.

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Baby Names 2018: The earliest arrivals

By Clare Bristow

Happy 2018! This week’s news includes a whole host of new year’s baby names, some alternative popularity charts, and Jessica Alba’s choice for her new baby.

New year’s day babies

The start of a new year is a great time for namespotting, as there are so many news stories about the first babies born in 2018. There are far too many to mention them all, but here’s a selection of interestingly-named newborns from around the US and beyond.

The first baby born on American soil got a top-20 name: Logan arrived on new year’s day on the island of Guam. In the same corner of the world, the first 2018 baby in Tonga was named Herschel, and there was Rex and Oksana Yetta in New Zealand, and lots of M-named babies in Australia: Mya Illyssa, Maddison Rose, Mila, and a boy called Raymon.

A few timezones behind, new year’s day arrivals in the US included Ariana in New York City, Lawson and Skylar in Vermont, Jeremiah in South Dakota, Garetth (a spelling twist on a name inspired by the knights of the round table) in Kentucky, Zayra in Texas, Fernando in Idaho, Kaylani and Nolan in Florida, Miguel and Chloe in California, Valya in Alaska, and Melody and Franklin in Hawaii.

New year arrivals in the Chicago area included Janae, Maren, Aryansh, Agustin and Drew – and in New Jersey, the name parade was even more varied: E’laya, Micayla, Sean, Odette, Declan, Taras, Sargo and Taheem.

In Canada, parents welcomed girls called Shiloh and Maxine in Toronto, as well as classically-named twins Philip and Victoria. One of the first 2018 babies in British Columbia was called Montgomery, and Wallace James from Edmonton was named after a film character and Harry Potter’s middle name. In Saskatchewan, a girl who shares a new year birthday with her grandmother got the unusual name Ephina.

In the UK, the first 2018 baby got the nation’s second most popular name, Harry. Other new year arrivals include Bonnie, Nico and a girl called Josefin. Lincoln and Solomon were born in Liverpool, Sorrena in Coventry, Eben and Annie in Northern Ireland, and Mabon and Mali in north Wales. And now breathe!

Have you spotted any more great names on new year’s babies?

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