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By Clare Green

This week’s news includes what’s hot in Scandinavia, in India and other international names, babies named for ancient legends and places, and the new trending middle names for girls.

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Sports Star Names in the News

By Clare Green

This week’s news includes big risers and fallers, a controversial baby name from Scotland, and which French names get the top grades.

Sports star names: Alex and Gylfi

Score! The USA women’s soccer team won the World Cup last weekend, and striker Alex Morgan already has at least one potential namesake. One fan, who’s expecting a baby in December, said that if it’s a girl her first and middle name will be Alexandra Morgan. In my humble opinion, Alex or Alexander Morgan would work nicely for a boy too! For more World Cup namespiration, here are our favorite names from all 24 national teams.

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Great Celebrity Grandbaby Names

by Linda Rosenkrantz

We’re all fascinated—and sometimes gobsmacked—by the names some celebrities choose (or create) for their children.

But what happens with the next generation? Do these starbabies then choose more conventional names for their kids—or are they as creative as their parents were?

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by Emma Waterhouse

The 2019 Women’s World Cup has captured the world’s imagination, with record numbers of viewers — around 1 billion (!), according to FIFA — tuning in over the course of the competition.

It’s been a great month for women’s sport, and a fantastic opportunity for some inspiring international namespotting too! From Aitana to Ysis, here is our pick of some of the most intriguing and appealing names belonging to these inspirational sportswomen: one from each national squad.

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Spanish Baby Names

By Clare Green

This week’s news includes gender-crossing starbaby names, a YouTube trend we love, and the latest popularity charts from Spain.

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