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Awesome V Names for Boys

by Linda Rosenkrantz

So you’re looking for a V name for your boy. And for your own personal reasons, you’ve eliminated the most obvious, Victor and Vincent. But where do you go from there?  Admittedly, this isn’t the broadest group in the alphabet, but here are some very viable V names for boys you may not have considered.

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New Geek Chic Names For Boys

By Emma Waterhouse

Hipster, nerdy, funky-clunky… Call them what you will, there’s no denying that geek chic names for boys and girls are cool.

But fashion moves fast, and some of the original names on our Geek Chic Boys master list — like Jasper, Cyrus and Augustus — now feel almost mainstream.

So we’ve been busy adding lots of intriguing new options to the roster: some a little bit edgy, some simply overlooked, but all outside of the US Top 1000 and ripe for revival today.

Below is a small selection of our favorites; which other geek chic gems would you nominate for this list?

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Welsh Names for Boys

by Linda Rosenkrantz

Welsh names for boys have never been as popular in the US as Irish boy names. But over the years some have become widespread enough to lose much of their Welsh accents.  I’m thinking names like Owen (#25), Evan (#86) and Dylan (#31) and Trevor (#380) and Griffin (#224) and Morgan (#744). Here we have names that we are all familiar with in addition to those above (“Funny, you don’t look Welsh!”), followed by some great Welsh names for boys you may not know, plus some unique Welsh nickname names. 

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Best Boy Names Starting with C

By Linda Rosenkrantz

The category of boy names starting with C is one of the most bountiful and captivating in the alphabet.  There’s truly something for everyone, from classics to notable namesakes to names from nature, mythology, history and the arts and pop culture.

Here we pick some of the best boy names starting with C in various classifications.

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15 Cool Country Boy Names

By Clare Green

Country boy names capture the spirit of the American West: places and landscapes, cowboys and pioneers, and country music – including the names singers give their own children.

The country style embraces names from a wide range of origins, from nature to cities to the bible. They’re not traditional classics, but neither do they feel like modern inventions. It’s no surprise that many are popular in the country heartlands. For example, Wyatt, the 26th most popular name in the US, is in the Top 10 in 16 states, most of them in the South and Midwest.

If you like names that are cool with old-fashioned charm, and want to spread the country spirit wherever you live, here are 15 of our favorite country boy names (some are used for large numbers of girls too).

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