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They’d love to honor grandma Jacqueline … but a cousin has already used their first choice! Time to ask the Name Sage for some fresh alternatives.

Sandra writes:

My husband and I are expecting our first child and we just found out it’s a boy!

Baby is due September 28th so I’m just starting to seriously consider names. We know for sure that we would like to name him after my husband’s mother who passed away four years ago. Her name was Jacqueline.

We love Jackson but my cousin already used that name for her son. Jonathon (nickname Jack) was vetoed and just Jack doesn’t feel quite finished to us. Jackie and Clair (after her middle name) are too feminine for my husband’s preference.

We’re open to creative ways to honor my mother-in-law to sidestep the name stealing possibility, but it seems like options are limited. The guilt I’m feeling from both sides is making this challenging, too.

I’d appreciate any advice you may have, or creative name suggestions that we may have bypassed! I just read the article on “9 creative ways to honor loved ones with your child’s name” which has me seeking alternative solutions, too.

The Name Sage replies:

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By Linda Rosenkrantz

There are times when your name search is narrowed down to one-syllable options. It might be because you need to balance a multi-syllabic surname or need a short connective between an elongated first and last. Or maybe you simply like the directness and strength of that single sound. And you also want a name that’s familiar enough to be in the Top 500.

Well, if it’s a girls’ name you’re seeking within these parameters, your choice is somewhat limited. There are less than two dozen of them in the Top 500, including Grace, Hope, Faith and Joy.

But for boys, there’s a far larger and wider group—close to 70—ranging from classics James and John to the more modern Jase, Jace and Jayce. Here are our picks for the 14 best single-syllable boys’ names in the Top 400, which could be just what you’re looking for.

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By Linda Rosenkrantz

May was an extraordinary month in the Nameberry Birth Announcement forums. We had a girl named Tully, boys called Godric and Endymion and Ignatius, middle names Lilac and Nickleby, brothers Atlas and Apollo, and nicely paired twins August Matthias and Thomas Nathaniel.

Parents drew inspiration from sources as varied as the Old Testament, Simon & Garfunkel songs, The Nutcracker ballet, Robert Plant, The X-Files, and, (you can’t say the Nameberry community isn’t literary)—Charles Dickens, the poet Keats, Truman Capote, The Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia, and Harry Potter

Here’s the complete list for May.

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By Linda Rosenkrantz

The biggest news of the 2017 SSA popularity list release was that we have a brand new boy at the top. It’s Liam, who heralds a new era in several ways. It’s the first name with such distinctive non-biblical, non Anglo-Saxon roots. And it’s the first to be a shortened form of another name.

So who is Liam?

And why has he replaced the traditional William nickname names of Will and Willie, Bill and Billy (the latter actually making something of a comeback), in the hearts and minds of more than 18,000 American parents last year? It’s precisely because Liam does sound fresher and more current than the others, more buoyant and hearty, with its appealingly jaunty Irish accent, than those that ruled before. And though it’s a nickname Liam stands more solidly on its own, complete in itself.

What is his backstory?

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By Linda Rosenkrantz

Though its current associations might run more to barbecues, picnics and parades, Memorial Day conjures up a load of historic references dating back to its post-Civil War origins, as well as some more contemporary traditions.

There are several blogs-worth of noteworthy Civil War generals’ names alone—Alpheus, Americus, Cassius, Gustavus, Lafayette, Napoleon, Pleasant, Romeyn, for starters– but for now we’ve included just a few of the most intriguing, as well as some less obvious Memorial Day names associated with the holiday.

BLUE and GREYThe colors of the  uniforms of the Union and Confederate soldiers fighting the Civil War (the Confederate soldiers sometimes referred to the Yankees disparagingly as ‘bluebellies’),  Blue and Gray are among the current coolest of the unisex color names. Blue Ivy is the much-discussed name picked by Beyoncé and Jay-Z for their daughter; actress Jenna von Oy recently named her daughter Gray.

CATHAYCathay Williams—aka William Cathay—was one of many women who passed as men to serve as Civil War soldiers.  A former slave, she was the first African-American woman to enlist. Cathay is an evocative old term for China used by Marco Polo that could make an interesting choice—if it weren’t in danger of being constantly confused with Cathy.

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