Artist Names: The ultimate comprehensive list, from Ayala to Zoffany

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By K. M Sheard, Nook of Names

I’ve been musing for a while now on the rich mine of names that are the surnames of artists.

Many of them have a great ring in themselves, as well as carrying strong artistic connotations.

With the most famous, it is as though their names “mean” their paintings.

Say Monet, for instance, and lovely, soft, impressionistc images float into the mind.

Here, then, is my pick of the artists:

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2 Responses to “Artist Names: The ultimate comprehensive list, from Ayala to Zoffany”

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KateMP91 Says:

February 7th, 2014 at 1:49 am

The only ones that I think would work without causing too much issue (and most only as middles) are as follows:

Beaux (just one letter off from Beau, and many would like the -x)
Blair (again, already a familiar name)
Braque (similar to Brock)
Chase (a common name)
Constable (word names are popular)
Copley (I’m not sure about this one, but I really like the way it sounds)
Donatello (Who doesn’t love the Ninja Turtles?)
Escher (familiar sound)
Etty (this is sweet, like Etta, I can see it catching on)
Hunt (word name, similar to Hunter)
Leighton (I see this one ALL the time, thanks to Leighton Meester)
Merian (sounds like Miriam)
Merritt (word name)
Nash (Dash, Cash…)
Quiller (this one I am concerned about, it kinda sounds like “killer”)
Rembrandt (might make a bold middle)
Sargent (word name)
Singer (again, word name)
Steele (may as well be a word name…)
Watts (I would prefer Watson…)
Whistler (words are everywhere in the naming world! lol)

auroradawn Says:

February 8th, 2014 at 12:07 am

Fascinating list! I like the theme. I’ve been crushing on Escher/Esher for a while. A few other favorites are Merritt, Raphael, and Singer. With the popularity of Piper and Harper, why is no one using Singer? Whistler, too.
One not listed is Winslow Homer, whose first and last names are both pretty cool.

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