Aries Baby Names: Amazing Astrological Names

Aries Baby Names: Amazing Astrological Names

By E. Wittig

Aries baby names are a fiery bunch.  In a few days, we will be under in sign of the ram. Aries runs from March 21st to April 20th. Along with Leo and Sagittarius, Aries is a fire sign, represented by lively, passionate leaders and the color red. These and other Arien elements offer a wide array of suggestions for little rams.

Aries baby names for girls and boys

Cole – As a fire sign, names with fiery meanings are a natural choice for an Aries child. The Irish Eithne and its Anglicized sister Enya mean “little fire.” Fia and Fiametta are Italian for “little flame.” AdaraShula, and Azar are other fire-meaning monikers. For a more literal take on honoring the fire sign, try hot word names EmberAshPhoenixFlameBlaze, and FlintCole does double duty – it both means and sounds like “coal;” you could even spell it Coal if you prefer.

Fallon – As the leading sign of the zodiac, it is fitting that Ariens are known as confident leaders. These people are brave, passionate, and full of energy. RaisaOrhan, and Llewellyn are names that mean leader. Fallon means “descendant of Fallamhan,” which in turn is Irish for “leader.” A wide array of brave monikers includes AriValenciaEverardLeopoldWyattTheobald and Richard.

Gloria – For those wishing to honor a famous Arien, pop culture offers actresses Emma Watson and Rosie O’Donnell and Japanese filmmaker Akira Kurosawa. Activists Gloria Steinem and Wangari Maathai – a winner of the Nobel Peace Prize whose name means “leopard” – are Aries women. From cultural history, playwright Tennessee Williams and Renaissance painter Raphael were born under the ram as well.

MarsMars, the Greek god of war, is Aries’ ruling planet; ironically, the Roman counterpart is named AresMars offers a rich garden of Aries baby names. Being our closest neighbor, many features are named, from Mariner Valley to Kaiser Sea. Martian craters include CamiriElorzaHadley, and Porter. Exploring the planet’s surface, rovers SojournerSpiritOpportunity, and Curiosity would make great conversation starters as middle names. And though Mars has only two moons, with names translating to “panic” and “fear,” those moons have many named features of their own. SwiftVoltaireGulliver, and Wendell are some of the more baby-friendly of these.

Primrose – Aries is the first sign of the western Zodiac, beginning the twelve sign long cycle. For a name referencing new beginnings, try Genesis or NovaZoraRoxana, and Arun mean “dawn.” The Indonesian name Eka means “one, first.” Mosi is a Swahili name for “first.” Related is Primrose, a Latin name meaning “first rose.”

Ramona – The constellation is represented by not just any ram, but the flying ram who bore the Golden Fleece, a mythological item won by the Greek hero JasonJason’s ship has a bold, modern-sounding name of its own – Argo. And while they may not truly relate to “ram,” RamonaRamses, and Rambo all seem like elaborations of the sign’s representative animal.

Ruby – Rubies are associated with this star sign, as is the color red. RubyScarlet, and Rose are therefore good choices for an AriesMerlotFrench for “little blackbird,” is a deep shade of red with a trendy -o ending. FoxCoralJasper, and Clover are other word names in the Aries lexicon.

Spring – The first day of Aries falls on the vernal equinox, the beginning of spring. Both Spring and Equinox are modern-sounding nature names. The majority of Ariens are born in April, a month named for the goddess AphroditeMaiaFloraKaliKoreOlwen, and Persephone are other goddesses with connections to the season and new beginnings. Spring holidays Easter and Ostara fall under the ram’s jurisdiction; either would make a quirky name choice.

Vespa – Of the named stars in the Aries constellation, Bharani and Sheratan are the two that may work as names. The first is a Hindu astrology term, the name of a lunar mansion. Sheratan is from Arabic and refers to the equinox. A handful of Aries stars were once known as a separate constellation, Vespa. Finally, in Chinese astronomy, Aries is known as Lou, representing a lasso or a sickle.

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