Greek mythology name
"foam or born from the sea"

Aphrodite Origin and Meaning

The name Aphrodite is a girl's name of Greek origin meaning "foam or born from the sea".
The name of the Greek goddess of love has rarely descended to mortal use, though the Roman equivalent Venus, thanks to tennis star Williams, now seems completely possible. But with the new fashion for goddess names, we may see more little Aphrodites in the playground with Jupiter and Juno. Nineteen baby girls received the name in the US last year.

Aphrodite was celebrated by Sappho, the greatest female poet of ancient Greece, in her Ode to Aphrodite.
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Famous People Named Aphrodite

  • Aphrodite JonesAmerican TV personaity and author

Aphrodite in Pop Culture

  • AphroditeGreek goddess of love and beauty
  • "Aphrodite" album and tour by singer Kylie Minogue
  • Aphrodite LaFontcharacter in the series 'House of Night' (PC Cast)
  • "Mighty Aphrodite" 1995 movie
  • Marchesa Aphrodite di Mentonicharacter in Edgar Allan Poe's short story 'The Visionary'
  • Aphrodite's ChildGreek progressive rock band
  • Aphrodite Arobot character in manga/anime "Mazinger"
  • 'She was christened by a very fine name, Aphrodite: so I and my father never called her anything but Afy.' [Mrs Henry Wood, 'East Lynne,' 1861]
  • Aphroditegoddess,character in the Goddess Summoning series (PC Cast)

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