12 New Celebrity Dads To Celebrate This Fathers Day

June 15, 2017 Linda Rosenkrantz

by Linda Rosenkrantz

Happy Father’s Day to all, and especially to these 12 celeb dads who have fathered new babies in the year since last Father’s Day—some for the very first time and some who have added to their growing families (Mel Gibson’s 9th, Mick Jagger’s 8th, Kelsey Grammer’s 7th). And since we gave a Nameberry shout-out to the moms of beautifully-named babies in the past year, some you won’t be seeing here: Ryan Reynolds and Blake Liveley’s Ines, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunos’s Dimitri Portwood, and Jason Sukeikis and Olivia Wilde’s Daisy Josephine.

So, in addition to the much celebrated Papa Clooney and twins Ella and Aexander, we now salute:

Arrow Rhodes & Zeppelin Bram — Jensen Ackles

A wildly imaginative pair of names was chosen by actor Jensen Ackles and his wife Danneel. Dynamic Arrow has shot into the realm of baby name possibility recently, perhaps influenced by all the archers in films. The more out-there Zeppelin was also used way back when by Korn singer Jonathan Davis, probably as a nod to Led Zeppelin.


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