Welsh variation of John
"the Lord is gracious"

Evan Origin and Meaning

The name Evan is both a boy's name and a girl's name of Welsh origin meaning "the Lord is gracious".
Evan was derived from Iefan, a Welsh version of John. John is ultimately a derivative of the Hebrew name Yochanan, comprised of the elements yo, meaning “God” and chanan, “to be gracious.” Evan is actually a Hebrew word itself, meaning “rock.”

Evan has a mellow nice-guy image that has kept it popular, while it has been widely used in Wales since the nineteenth century. And interestingly—and surprisingly—enough, Evan charts highly for boys in France.

Jenny McCarthy has a son named Evan, and some other modern associations are former Senator Evan Bayh, novelist Evan Hunter, and the movie Evan Almighty. It is also sometimes used for girls, as in actress Evan Rachel Wood.
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Famous People Named Evan

  • Evan Thomas PetersAmerican actor
  • Birch Evans "Evan" Bayh IIIU.S. Senator and Governor of Indiana
  • Evan Walshdrummer of Irish band The Strypes
  • Evan Mathias RoysterAmerican NFL football player
  • Evan Blake SmithAmerican NFL football player
  • Evan Michael LongoriaAmerican baseball player
  • Evan Ingersoll aka Chuck InglishAmerican rapper of duo The Cool Kids
  • Evan HandlerAmerican actor
  • Evan Frank LysacekAmerican figure skater
  • Evan BatesAmerican ice dancer
  • Evan Mitchell LowensteinAmerican singer of duo Evan & Jaron; twin brother Jaron Lowenstein
  • Evan Fong aka VanossCanadian YouTuber
  • Evan RossNaess, American actor/singer, son of singer Diana Ross and Arne Naess
  • Evan Yurmanson of designers David and Sybil Yurman
  • Evan James Springsteenson of singer Bruce Springsteen
  • Evan Shane Stanleyson of guitarist Paul Stanley of KISS
  • Evan Joseph Asherson of actress/model Jenny McCarthy
  • Evan Anthony Dunstan (b. 2012)son of Australian youtubers Rohan and Chloe Dunstan (Life with Beans)
  • Evan EdingerInternet personality
  • Evan Scott Perrythe subject of the 2009 documentary film "Boy Interrupted"

Evan in Pop Culture

  • Evan Baxtercharacter in films Bruce Almighty and Evan Almighty
  • Evan Chamberscharacter on TV's "Greek"
  • Evan Treborncharacter in movie The Butterfly Effect
  • Evancharacter in movie Cliffhanger
  • Evan Trautwigcharacter in movie The Watch
  • Evan Parkscharacter on TV's "The Client List"
  • Evan Walkercharacter from the book The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey
  • Evan Knightcharacter on TV's Parenthood
  • Evan Huangcharacter on TV's "Fresh Off the Boat"
  • Evan Hansencharacter in Broadway's "Dear Evan Hansen"
  • Evan Danielsalso known as Spyke, character in Marvel Universe
  • Evan R. Lawsoncharacter on USA's Royal Pains
  • Evan "Buck" Buckleyfirefighter on TV series "9,1,1"