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Gender: Male Origin of Ziggy: German, diminutive of Siegfried and Sigmund Meaning of Siegfried: German, "victorious peace"

The name Ziggy is a boy's name of German origin. Ziggy and is often added to lists like Bold Bohemian Names for Boys and discussed in our forums with posts like "Rate the Previous Signature!".

From the experts:

The ultimate jokey name, à la Ziggy Stardust or the comic-strip character Ziggy. Then again, there's Ziggy Marley, and most anything Marley is cool. Originally named David, his father Bob Marley gave him the nickname "Ziggy" due to the soccer move of the same name.

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Famous People Named Ziggy

David Nesta "Ziggy" Marley, Jamaican musician; son of musician Bob Marley
Evander "Ziggy" Hood, American NFL football player
Zygmunt Edward "Ziggy" Switkowski, Polish Australian businessman and nuclear physicist
Joseph "Ziggy" Modeliste, American drummer of funk group The Meters
Zachary Sami P "Ziggy" Lichman, English musician of boy band Northern Line
Isabelle Anna "Ziggy" Lorenc, Canadian female TV personality

Pop Culture References for the name Ziggy

Ziggy Stardust, album and persona of musician David Bowie
Chester Karol "Ziggy" Sobotka, character on TV's "The Wire"
Ziggy, character in TV's "Lazy Town"
"Ziggy," eponymous comic strip
"Ziggy," song by Celine Dion
Ziggy Grover, character in "Power Rangers: RPM"
Ziggy, a super hybrid computer on the cult 90s show "Quantum Leap"
Ziggy, character in "Big Little Lies"



cmailest Says:


please do not name your child Ziggy. seriously.

Mhill46 Says:


Cute as a possible nickname for Sigmund but wouldn't use it as a full name.

paulapuddephatt Says:


I know there's Ziggy Marley etc, but is it only me who thinks of Ziggy from Grange Hill? 💞💝💖

indiefendi2 Says:


this is more fit for a pet than a human.

FionaW Says:


I know it is a bit "controversial " but I do not mind this name and I am actually considering it for my son. :/

rudamama Says:


Love this as a nickname for a little boy, but agree this doesn't work well professionally later in life. Wanted an alternative to "Alex" or "Zander" as a nickname for our son, Alexander, so we chose Ziggy. It's been a hit, especially as I'm a Bowie fan and hubby loves Marley!

yourlocaldumpster Says:


Well I mean this would be a good name when you're a small child, but when you're a full-grown adult? This is a pet name.

Yessica Says:


Nickname for something please...please.

SophyDJ Says:


I love the sound of this name. It's just an added bonus to be tied to Ziggy Stardust the rest of your life!

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


I find this adorable but maybe only because it's the name of one of my beloved virtual pets, haha,

ldougie Says:


You're not actually considering this, are you? When they apply for jobs it will be hard to take them seriously.