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Gender: M Origin of Yusuf: Arabic variation of Joseph Yusuf's Popularity in 2015: #592

In the US, Yousef ranks at Number 786, while this spelling is at Number 592. In England and Wales, both variants are even more popular: Yusuf ranks at Number 105, while Yousef came in at 610.

Famous People Named Yusuf

Yusuf Islam aka Cat Stevens, American singer-songwriter
Yusuf Akgun, Turkish actor
Yusuf al-Qaradawi, Egyptian Islamic theologian
Yusuf Hamdani, Iranian Sufi mystic
Yusuf Pathan, Indian cricketer
Yusuf Alli, Nigerian Olympic long jumper

Pop Culture References for the name Yusuf

Yusuf, chemist in the movie Inception, portrayed by Dileep Rao

Yousuf, Yusef, Yousef, Yazid, Youssef