Gender: Female Pronunciation: ro-WEE-na Meaning of Rowena: "white spear or famous friend" Origin of Rowena: Welsh

Rowena Origin and Meaning

The name Rowena is a girl's name of Welsh origin meaning "white spear or famous friend".

A fabled storybook name via the heroine of Sir Walter Scott's novel Ivanhoe (1819), which featured a heroine called Rowena of Hargottstanstede, and also a Harry Potter name, as Rowena Ravenclaw, founder of one of the Hogwarts houses.. Rowena has some old-fashioned charm, though most modern parents seem to prefer Rowen. Pronunciation, however, is NOT like Rowen with an a at the end, but with a long e and an emphasis on the middle syllable.. She was on the popularity list until 1963, several years in the Top 500.

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Rowan, Winnie, Roe, Rowen, Roweena, Rowynna, Ro, Roweina, Rowina


SaccaraBird Says:


This may be an unpopular opinion...I should like this name as it falls in line with many of my other favourites like Morwenna, Lowenna, Elowen etc... however I just can't. The Ro-wee-na with the long "wee" sound is far too harsh to me as it sounds shrill and a lot like "weiner." I first heard this name on a friend of my sisters (pronounced like this) and internally my first thought was "what a terrible name". I know that sounds harsh but it was my genuine reaction to it. It has never grown on me since.

However! If it is pronounced Ro-WEN-na (to rhyme with Morwenna) then I'm all for it! It then to my ear has a lovely sound and a lovely meaning. I just dislike the long "wee" sound, there's far too much teasing potential there.

Bertha Bernard Says:


This name is so pretty. But it'll always make me think of the teenage temptress in Mr. Holland's Opus. Tsk tsk.

Nerdy_cat Says:


This is my daughter's name. Some people are uncertain how to pronounce it and a couple of people have asked if we made it up, but we still love it. Sometimes we call her Ro.

perdireinz Says:


My name is Rowena. I pronounce it with a long e sound. Most of the time when people hear my name for the first time, they say something like, "Oh, wow! That's unique!" I'm not sure if they like it or not, but I personally think unique is a good thing.
Sometimes I have wanted to change my name, but only because there are many times when I feel different. I wish I could be like the one character in a Peanuts episode, where Charlie Brown didn't know her real name because every day she chose a new one. Or I wanted to design myself from the start, as if that's even possible. But I mean, sort of like how Norma Jeane Mortensen/Baker transformed herself into Marilyn Monroe.
The only bad nickname I got was Weiner Dog. Of course I grew up, and no one makes that reference anymore. Only once did a kid call me Weiner, but I actually punched her, so no one called me that again. Punching isn't cool though, so don't do that. I've learned from my mistakes.
Weiner dog annoyed me, but it never was an insecurity of mine. I wasn't bullied, kids just thought they were clever so when they wanted to make people laugh they'd call me Weiner Dog. I would just roll my eyes and get on with my day.
I got bullied by other girls a lot when I was young, but it was never about my name. Of course there were nicknames. Every name has that possibility. Kids can be creative, and cruel. I personally don't know anyone who was bullied because of their name, but other things. The nicknames were only side comments that didn't really hurt.
I've seen a few episodes of Supernatural, and there's a character there named Rowena. She's like this Scottish badass independent witch. Who doesn't want to be that? I do understand she wasn't the best person, but really, who is. So after having a cool character with my name, made the confidence in my name go up a little, if that makes sense.
My family and friends will call me Rowe if they're not calling me Rowena. Some of my friends call me Romee because there's a Victoria's Secret model called that, and they swear we have the same nose and lips. I can see it a little bit, but I still don't think I really look like her.
So yeah. That's about my experience with my name. Totally unnecessary, unless you're a parent wanting to name your daughter Rowena.
Go for it. I've never met another Rowena. It's a pretty rad name.

perdireinz Says:


Who the hell thinks of "raw weiner?" LOL. My name is Rowena, and I NEVER got that.

Catgirlmri Says:


If you don't like it, you are of course entitled to your opinion, but I wanted to point out that one could find teasing potential in any name.

Catgirlmri Says:


Beautiful name. Plus, who wouldn't want a kid named after the founder of the house of the studious and witty? I would. Maybe that's just because I'm a Ravenclaw.

Daiseymae Says:


Just no.

indiefendi2 Says:


I didn't like this name at first but now...I'm kinda digging it!

northern Says:



eveyalecia Says:


This name is so beautiful. I prefer to pronounce it Ro-WEN-nuh.

Catherine Rose Says:


The teasing potentials are there. (EX. Raw Weiner) A very unattractive name IMO.

headintheclouds Says:


Rowena sounds very regal and ethereal, like it belongs to a fairy queen from an epic fantasy tale. There's a weight and substantial quiet dignity to it that's very appealing. I really like Rowena because it's familiar to most people, but uncommon enough that you wouldn't meet another Rowena easily- the perfect sweet-spot name. It's the kind of name that will get you compliments from strangers on how lovely it is, and would definitely make you memorable to others.

Pronunciation-wise, I prefer Ro-WEN-ah. It sounds lovelier than RO-wen-ah or Ro-WEE-nah, which I think sounds more rushed and imbalanced in pacing.

Sara Says:


I have an aunt named Rowena. She goes by Wena and it fits her to a T. Love this name.

autumnreverie Says:



Michaela Says:


I thought this meant "flaxen haired"?

Ellen Powell Says:


My grandmother's name was Rowena (pronounced row-WEE-nah). She went by Reenie. I'm seriously considering naming our daughter Rowena or Rowen, as I think it's unique and beautiful. The family tie makes it even more special.

different Says:


My name is Rowquena...pronounced Row-queen-nah! It's different I know..My mom's name was Rowena(Row-ee-nuh) her cousin had a hard time pronouncing her name and continuously called her Rowquena! That's how I received my name.

Party_of_Five_JCKH Says:


There is just something about this name. I have added it to my "girl" list.

tracyseymour1 Says:


My late father had a girlfriend with the name Rowena before he met my Mom, and he would always bring up Rowena in conversations with my Mom. Needless to say, my Mom isn't a fan of the name. :) It's not a very pretty name, in my opinion...

ThistleThorn Says:


Rowena Ravenclaw! But anyways, I love this name and have never met anyone named Rowena. Also, she could go by Rowan if she wanted to.

lesliemarion Says:


RO-ween-ah for me. Love this name. Someday I may have a female dog and name her Rowena Maple and call her Romy. :)

carissaaa Says:


I have heard both Row-EN-ah and Row-EE-nah.

The_Supernatural_Hufflepuff Says:


I've heard it pronounced both ways so I guess either way would work. I personally have pronounced it RO-wen-ah but a friend of mine pronounces it Ro-WEN-ah so it would be up to you how you pronounce it

flora_kate Says:


I've always been confused on how this name is pronounced: RO-wen-ah or Ro-WEN-ah. Either way, I love it.