French and German form of Sabina, Latin

Sabine Origin and Meaning

The name Sabine is a girl's name of French origin meaning "Sabine".

This slightly more compact version of Sabina has ties to France and Germany. Unlike its sister name, Sabine has never charted in the United States Top 1000. Today, both names are given to roughly the same number of baby girls in the US, about 70 each year.

The Sabines were a tribe in Ancient Italy that went to war with the Romans. According to legend, the Sabine women were kidnapped by the Romans but later affected peace between the warring sides.

Sabine Lisicki is a German professional tennis player. The Sabine River runs through Louisiana.

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Sabine Popularity

Famous People Named Sabine

  • Sabine AzemaFrench actress.
  • Sabine AppelmansBelgian tennis player.
  • Sabine BaebGerman pair skater
  • Sabine LeutheusserSchnarrenberger, German politician
  • Sabine PostelGerman actress.
  • Sabine LisickiGerman Tennis Player
  • (Diana) Sabine MoussierGerman,Mexican actress
  • (Albertje) Sabine UitslagDutch politician
  • Sabine KoningDutch actress
  • Sabine BuschGerman athlete
  • Sabine SchmitzGerman racing driver
  • Sabine De VosBelgian TV presenter
  • Sabine Bonnairesister of French actress Sandrine Bonnaire; subject of film "Her Name is Sabine"
  • Sabine BaringGould, male English Anglican priest

Sabine in Pop Culture

  • SabineDutch character on "Fresh Meat".
  • Sabine Rosecharacter in "The Seer Series" by Linda Joy Singleton.
  • Sabine Wrencharacter in "Star Wars Rebels".
  • Sabine Chengcharacter in "Miraculous Ladybug"
  • The rape of the Sabine Womenincident from Roman mythology.