French literary nickname
"little thing"

Cosette Origin and Meaning

The name Cosette is a girl's name of French origin meaning "little thing".

Cosette is best known as the heroine of Les Miserables. In the Victor Hugo novel, Cosette was the nickname given to the girl named Euphrasie by her mother. Although Hugo invented the name, some etymologists believe it's a spin on Colette, originally a female short form of Nicolas.

Despite the popularity of Les Mis the musical, the name was given to only 138 girls in 2015 -- though it's worth noting that this is almost double the number from just a few years ago. Cosette would make for a sweet and quirky French choice.

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Famous People Named Cosette

  • Cosette Lee (born Mable Cosette LeGassicke)Canadian actress
  • Cosette MunchSwedish fashion blogger
  • Cosette Renee "Cosy" SimonAmerican politician and businesswoman

Cosette in Pop Culture

  • Cosettecharacter in "Les Miserables"
  • From French chosette meaning "little thing" a diminutive of French chose, which is cognate with Spanish cosa "thing," from Latin causa.