German variation of Leonora, Italian derivative of Eleonora, meaning unknown

Lenore Origin and Meaning

The name Lenore is a girl's name of German, Greek origin.

A "modernization" of Leonora that has suddenly come back on the radar along with the many other Leo names--both male and female. With literary cred via a famous eponymous poem by Edgar Allan Poe (and also in his even more famous The Raven,) Lenore was steadily in the top half of the popularity list until the mid-fifties, falling off in 1973. Cameron Diaz played a Lenore in The Green Hornet.

# 941 in the US

Lenore Rank in US Top 1000

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Lenore Rank in Nameberry Top 1000

Lenore Popularity

Famous People Named Lenore

  • Lenore SkenazyAmerican journalist and author
  • Lenore LaFount Romneyactress and mother of American politician Mitt Romney
  • Lenore Elizabeth ZannAmerican actress
  • Lenore Tawney (born Leonora Agnes Gallagher)American fiber artist
  • Lenore Guinzberg MarshallAmerican poet
  • Sutton Lenore FosterAmerican actress

Lenore in Pop Culture

  • "Lenore" poem by E.A. Poe
  • Lenorealso mentioned in Poe's "The Raven" as the lost love of the narrator
  • "LenoreThe Cute Little Dead Girl," black comedy comic series created by Roman Dirge; inspired by Poe
  • "Lenore" German ballad by Gottfried August Burger
  • Lenore La Vernestage name of Elly Chiply (actress, who marries Harold Westbrook) in the Edna Ferber novel "Show Boat" (1926)
  • Lenorecharacter in children's book "Many Moons" by James Thurber
  • Lenore Casecharacter in the 2011 movie "The Green Hornet"