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Gender: Male Meaning of Rafael: "God has healed" Origin of Rafael: Spanish variation of Raphael Rafael's Popularity in 2017: #282

The name Rafael is a boy's name of Spanish origin meaning "God has healed". Rafael is ranked #282 on our popularity charts and is often added to lists like Mexican Baby Names and discussed in our forums with posts like "Names on NB that make you go WOW!".

From the experts:

Rafael is perhaps the ultimate sexy Latino name, not a bad gift to give your son. The Raphael spelling is the original Hebrew version.

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Famous People Named Rafael

Rafael Nadal (Parera), Spanish tennis player
Rafael Vicente Correa (Delgado), President of Ecuador
Rafael Leónidas Trujillo (Molina), Dominican dictator
Rafael Edward "Ted" Cruz, U.S. Senator from Texas
Rafael Yglesias, American novelist and screenwriter
Rafael Garcia, American soccer player
Rafael Benítez (Maudes), Spanish footballer and manager
(José) Rafael Amaya (Núñez), Mexican actor, singer and model
Rafael Palmeiro (Corrales), Cuban-American baseball player
Rafael Márquez (Álvarez), Mexican footballer
Rafael Halperin, Israeli businessman, rabbi and pro wrestler
Rafael "Rafinha" Alcántara do Nascimento, Brazilian footballer
Rafael Lange Severino aka Cellbit, Brazilian YouTuber
Rafael van der Vaart, Dutch footballer
Rafael "Rafa" Guevara (b. 2003), son of Allegra Huston; grandson of director John Huston
Rafael Llamas (b. 2005), son of actors José Ángel Llamas and Mara Croatto
Rafael Schofield (b. 2006), son of actress Sally Rogers and Jonathan Schofield
Rafael Ritchie (b. 2011), son of director Guy Ritchie
Rafael Fernández de Córdova y de Potesta (b. 2013), great-grandson of Franz, Duke of Hohenburg and Princess Elisabeth of Luxembourg
Rafael Thomas (b. 2015), son of actor Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Thomas Baldwin

Pop Culture References for the name Rafael

Rafael Santo, character on TV's "American Gothic"
Rafael Solano, character on TV's "Jane the Virgin"
Rafael Diaz, character in "Star vs. the Forces of Evil"
Rafael Barba, ADA on "Law and Oder: SVU"
San Rafael, California, USA (pron. "ruh-FELL")
Also the German and Scandinavian form of Raphael

Rafeé, Fallo, Falo, Felio, Rafaelle, Rafaello, Rafaelo, Rafal, Rafe, Rafeal, Rafeé, Rafel, Rafello, Rafer, Raffael, Raffaelo, Raffeal, Raffel, Raffiel, Rafi, Rafiel, Rafo, Raphael, Raphel

Rafael's International Variations

Raffaele, Raffaele (Italian)


sofiaishere Says:


Nope. Try again.

indiefendi2 Says:


It grinds my gears when I hear Rafael and Raphael pronounced "raffy-ul" like people have been conditioned to pronounce Michael, instead of Raf a EL. Don't butcher this gorgeous name!

Bella Mia Says:


If anyone watches/watched Jane the Virgin, this is one of the main character's name... :D

AriellaBar Says:


It's an ancient, sophisticated name with roots around the world. It deserves a better nameberry description.

berry_chick Says:


I have a Filipino friend named's used in a lot of areas I guess?

ashbee Says:


My grandfather Rafael was a Cuban Jew originally from Poland. It served him well in both places. :)

mother_dragons Says:


It's the Spanish version too. Many of my relatives were called Rafael. I can't say anything about other languages, but I can confirm it's the Spanish version

rlevy Says:


Ummm...I think the "name info" for Rafael needs another look. Rafael is actually closer to the original Hebrew version, "Refeal." Rafael is a very popular name in Israel and amongst Jewish populations outside of Israel. It's a modern, strong and vibrant name...and I love it. The description doesn't give it justice. Take another stab, Nameberry writers.

tfzolghadr Says:


Love this name.

Kisa Says:


My boyfriend's name is Rafael, he's in his mid-twenties and is the reserved, smart type. So that is the image I get with this name.