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Gender: M Origin of Paris: French place-name

The first famous Paris was a mythological prince of incredible beauty. The most recent was media darling Paris Hilton, inspirer of a generation of baby-girl namesakes. But since Pierce Brosnan and other celebs have continued to use it for their sons, the name retains some masculine identity. For girls, it jumped from #464 to #412 in the past year alone.

Famous People Named Paris

Paris Themmen, American actor (Mike Teevee in "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory)
Paris Lenon, American football player
Paris, Greek mythology figure
Paris Brosnan, son of Pierce Bronsnan and Keely Shaye Smith
Paris Latsis (nee Paris Kasidokosta), Greek shipping heir and one-time fiancee of Paris Hilton
Jack Paris Cook, son of supermodel Christie Brinkley

Pop Culture References for the name Paris

Paris, character in Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet"
Paris Minton, from TV series "Fallen Angels"
"Paris", song by The Chainsmokers
Paris, town in Texas

Parese, Paree, Parys, Parris, Paras, Parie, Pares