Greek mythology name

Zeus Origin and Meaning

The name Zeus is a boy's name of Greek origin.

The supreme Olympian god represents a mighty image for a little fella to live up to, but more and more parents are beginning to consider it seriously. The Roman equivalent Jupiter has also come down to earth. And Zeus wasn't just the supreme god, he was also the god of the sky, thunder, lightning, and fate, among other weighty responsibilities.

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Zeus Popularity

Famous People Named Zeus

  • Zeus B. Held (born Bernd Held)German music producer
  • Zeusstage name of Game Goabaone Bantsi, Botswanan rapper
  • Zeusring name of Kensho Obayashi, Japanese pro wrestler

Zeus in Pop Culture

  • ZeusGreek god of all gods
  • Zeusfather of Wonder Woman in DC Comics, based on the god
  • Zeuscharacter in Marvel Comics based on the god
  • Zeusdog in film "Zeus and Roxanne"