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Gender: M Meaning of Nelson: "son of Neil" Origin of Nelson: English Nelson's Popularity in 2016: #625

Nelson is a rather stiff and dated surname name that is sometimes used to honor distinguished South African activist Nelson Mandela, as Celine Dion did for one of her twin boys. Other notable associations are with the British Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson, New York Governor Nelson Rockefeller, novelist Nelson Algren and movie operetta star Nelson Eddy. It was also the given name of "Rabbit" Angstrom, protagonist of John Updike's series of novels.

Nelson's highest popularity was in the 1930s and forties, when it was in the Top 200.

Famous People Named Nelson

Nelson Rockefeller, 41st Vice President of the United States
Nelson Antonio Denis, New York State assemblyman
Nelson Algren, American writer
Nelson Ascencio, MADTV cast member
Nelson S. Bond, American writer
Nelson Dawson, English artist
Nelson DeCastro, American comic book artist
Nelson DeMille, American author
Nelson Eddy, American singer
Nelson Freire, Brazilian pianist
Nelson George, American writer/filmmaker
Nelson Illingworth, Australian sculptor
Nelson Ned, Brazilian singer
Nelson Doubleday, Jr., American businessman
Nelson Goodman, American philosopher
Nelson Bunker Hunt, American businessman
Nelson A. Miles, American soldier
Nelson Poynter, American newspaper publisher
Nelson Riddle, American bandleader
Nelson Rodrigues, Brazilian playwright
Nelson Briles, American baseball pitcher
Nelson Carmichael, American skier
Nelson Peltz, American businessman and father of actress Nicola Peltz
Nelson W. Aldrich, American politician
Nelson Oduber, prime minister of Aruba
Nelson Mandela, South African politician
Nelson Dewey, American politician
Baby Face Nelson (original name Lester Joseph Gillis), diminutive American gangster
Horatio Nelson (Lord Nelson), British admiral
Hawk Nelson, a Christian Rock band
Prince Rogers Nelson, American musician
Nelson Angelil (b. 2010), son of French Canadian singer Celine Dion

Pop Culture References for the name Nelson

Nelson, DJ's wealthy boyfriend on Full House
Nelson Van Alden, character on HBO's "Boardwalk Empire"
Nelson, from the movie "Flatliners" played by Kiefer Sutherland
Nelson Minkler, from TV series "Even Stevens"
Nelson Tibideaux, from TV series "The Cosby Show"
Ferdinand "Foggy" Nelson- character in Marvel's "Daredevil"
Nelson Muntz- bully that says "HA HA" in "The Simpsons"

Nels, Niles, Neilson, Nelsen, Neillson, Nealson, Nils, Neils, Nilsson, Nilson