Diminutive of Jedidiah
"beloved of the Lord"

Jed Origin and Meaning

The name Jed is a boy's name of Arabic origin.

Cowboyish short form that's both macho and cool. Got prime time exposure on The West Wing.

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Jed Popularity

Famous People Named Jed

  • Jed AllanAmerican actor
  • Jed Saul RakoffU.S. federal judge
  • Jed Harris (born Jacob Hirsch Horowitz)Austrian,American producer
  • Edwin Fish "Jed" Gould III aka Jed the FishAmerican radio deejay
  • Jed Madulastage name of John Edward Tajanlangit, Filipino singer
  • Jed ProutyAmerican actor
  • Jedson Louis "Jed" SimonAmerican heavy metal musician
  • Jed Tucker WhedonAmerican screenwriter; brother of Joss Whedon
  • Jed Hardy Koster (b. 2011)son of AFL player Kym Koster

Jed in Pop Culture

  • Josiah Edward "Jed" BartletUS President on TV's "The West Wing"
  • Jed Clampettcharacter on TV's The Beverly Hillbillies
  • Jedediah "Jed" Lelandreporter in the film Citizen Kane
  • Jed Stonecharacter on British soap opera Coronation Street
  • Jed Walkercharacter in DC Comics
  • Jed Maxwellcharacter on British TV series "I'm Alan Partridge"
  • Jed Wrightboss in video game "Dead Rising 2: Case Zero"
  • Jed Garritycharacter on TV's "The 4400"
  • Jeda character in "The Forest of Hands and Teeth," by Carrie Ryan