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Gender: M Meaning of Lou: "renowned warrior" Origin of Lou: Diminutive of Louis or Lewis, French and German

Lou, all by itself, is become fashionable for girls, which usually makes a name LESS fashionable for boys. But Lou, like Bill or Jim, is rarely used on its own for boys anyway. (You wouldn't name a boy Frederick Lou the way that girls are named Mary Lou or, in the case of Keri Russell's new baby, Willa Lou.) Long form Louis is getting cool again and, with the Lewis spelling, is the Number 2 name in Scotland.

Famous People Named Lou

Lou Gehrig, American baseball player
Louis "Lou" Dobbs, American journalist
Lou Diamond Phillips, American actor
Lou Reed, American musician
Lou Macari, Scottish footballer
Lou Costello, American actor/comedian of duo Abbot & Costello
Louis Allen "Lou" Rawls, American recording artist, voice actor, songwriter, and record producer

Pop Culture References for the name Lou

Lou Grant, main character on TV's "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" and "Lou Grant"
Lou Peable, character in movie "Legally Mad"
Lou Avery, character on TV's "Mad Men"
Lou Carpenter, character on Australian soap "Neighbours"
Lou, policeman on TV's "The Simpsons"
Lou Todd, character on British sitcom "Little Britain"
Louis "Lou" Vartann, character on TV's CSI: Crime Scene Investigation