Variation of Ernest, English from German
"serious, resolute"

Ernie Origin and Meaning

The name Ernie is a boy's name meaning "serious, resolute".

Can Ernie shed the rubber ducky association and make its way onto the vintage revivals list? Years ago we may have said no, but celebrity chef Stephanie Izard made a strong case for Ernie when she gave the name to her son in 2016.

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Ernie Rank in US Top 1000

Ernie Popularity

Famous People Named Ernie

  • Theodore Ernest "Ernie" ElsSouth African pro golfer
  • Ernest James "Ernie" WattsAmerican jazz musician
  • Earnest Lee "Ernie" HudsonAmerican actor
  • Ernest "Ernie" BanksAmerican baseball player
  • William Earnest "Ernie" HarwellAmerican sportscaster
  • Ernest Edward "Ernie" KovacsAmerican comedian
  • Ernest Larry "Ernie" Evesformer premier of Ontario, Canada
  • Virgil Earnest "Ernie" IrvanAmerican NASCAR driver
  • Ernest Eugene "Ernie" BarnesAmerican painter
  • Ernest Taylor "Ernie" PyleAmerican journalist and author
  • Ernest Lee "Ernie" Fletcherformer U.S. Congressman and governor of Kentucky
  • Ernie William Valentine (b. 2016)son of Top Chef Stephanie Izard and Gary Valentine

Ernie in Pop Culture

  • ErnieSesame Street Muppet
  • Ernie Macmillancharacter from the Harry Potter series
  • Ernie Hendersoncharacter on TV's "Harry and the Hendersons"
  • Ernie Coopercharacter on TV's "K.C. Undercover"