Cecil Origin and Meaning

The name Cecil is a boy's name of Latin origin meaning "blind".

Once a powerful Roman clan name, Cecil has lost much of its potency over the years, though it retains a strong presence in the sports and jazz worlds. Past bearers include film giant Cecil B. DeMille, poet Cecil Day Lewis, father of Daniel, and photographer Cecil Beaton. Fictional Cecils appear in Oscar Wilde's play, Lady Windemere's Fan, E. M. Foster's A Room With a View and the film Lee Daniel's The Butler.

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Cecil Popularity

Famous People Named Cecil

  • Cecil Blount DeMilleAmerican film director
  • Cecil Grant FielderAmerican baseball player
  • Cecil Adamspen name of the author of The Straight Dope column
  • Cecil BaldwinAmerican voice actor
  • Cecil Walter Hardy BeatonBritish photographer
  • Cecil "Cecilius" Calvertfounder of Maryland, USA
  • Cecil DayLewis, British poet
  • Cecil DowdyAmerican football player
  • Cecil NewtonAmerican football player
  • Cecil John RhodesBritish entrepreneur and politician
  • Cecil Carlon ShortsAmerican football player

Cecil in Pop Culture

  • Cecil Gershwin Palmergay radio host and main character of "Welcome To Night Vale"
  • Cecil Dynevercharacter in "Lionel Lincoln"
  • Cecil Gainescharacter in "The Butler"
  • Cecil Harveycharacter in "Final Fantasy IV"
  • Cecil Jacobscharacter in "To Kill A Mockingbird"
  • Lord Cecil Psnakecharacter in "Freddy and Fredericka"
  • Cecil Terwilligerbrother of Sideshow Bob on "The Simpsons"
  • Cecil Vysecharacter in "A Room with a View"
  • "Cecil Dreeme" (1862)"interesting early transvestite novel" by Theodore Winthrop, in which Clara Denman dresses up as male painter amongst New York artists under the name of Cecil Dreeme in order to escape marriage to the evil Dendreth
  • CecilZimbabwean lion killed in 2015