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Gender: Female Meaning of Leonie: "lion" Origin of Leonie: Latin

The name Leonie is a girl's name of Latin origin meaning "lion". Leonie and is often added to lists like Names with Animal Meanings and discussed in our forums with posts like "Make suggestions based on previous person's signature".

From the experts:

Leonie is a chic French and German form of a name that exists in a range of variations from Leona to Leonia to Leon to Leo to Lionel, all newly fashionable after a couple of generations in style limbo.

Pronunciation can be confusing: The first syllable can be pronounced as lee or lay, the second as on or own, and the accent can be on either the first or the second syllable or be evenly distributed over all three syllables of the name, so that it sounds like the male name Leon with an ee at the end. Take your pick, but know that others might often pick differently.

Aunt Leonie is a major character in Proust's Remembrance of Things Past. Leonie Hemsworth is the mother of Liam and Chris and Leonie is the name picked by Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel for their daughter.

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Famous People Named Leonie

Leonie Duquet (1916-1977), French nun
Leonie Gilmour (1872-1933), American educator, editor, and journalist
Leonie Adams (1899-1988), American poet
Leonie Kramer (b. 1924), Australian academic, educator and professor
Leonie Rysanek (1926-1998), Austrian dramatic soprano
Leonie Archer, British academic
Leonie Brinkema (b. 1944), American judge
Leonie Abo (born 1945), Bambunda author
Leonie Sandercock (b. 1949), Australian academic
Leonie Frieda (b. 1956), Swedish-born former model, translator and writer
Leonie Short (b. 1956), Australian politician
Leonie Wood (b. 1961), Australian journalist
Leonie "Noni" Hazlehurst, Australian actress
Leonie Joubert, freelance science writer
Leonie Swann (b. 1975), nom de plume of a German crime writer
Myriam Leonie Mani (b. 1977), Cameroonian runner
Leonie Schaller (b. 1978), German saxophonist
Leonie Krail (b. 1986), Swiss ice dancer
Leonie Meijer (b. 1985), singer-songwriter from the Netherlands
Leonie Pravita (b. 1988), "Masa Bodoh" "Cinta" Indonesian singer-songwriter
Leonie Dawson, Australian founder of (formerly
Léonie Cassel (b. 2010), daughter of Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel

Pop Culture References for the name Leonie

Leonie- Young ghost girl in the CBBC show Dani's Castle


SaccaraBird Says:


I always looked over this name as an "old office lady name" as my mother had a coworker called this who would come up in conversation often and she fit the description. But now that I'm older I've taken another look at the name and it's starting to seem really fresh and youthful to me now! I first rediscovered it in a lovely, magical and bittersweet France-set novel called Sepulchre by Kate Mosse in which the vibrant protagonist is named Léonie (brother Anatole!). I love the sweet, easy French pronunciation (I pronounce it Lay-oh-nee) and love the "lion" meaning as it holds special significance for me and my background. It also seems rather uncommon in English speaking countries. I've only ever met or heard of the one, and I've grown up in 3 countries across different continents. I am really enjoying it as a middle name for Eowyn.

LoveLoop Says:


Leonie is a common name in Germany but surprisingly I never really met one single Leonie in person.

srudolph Says:


You could definitely use this name as LAY-oh-nee without any accents, as that's what the Germans do - where it is a fairly common name.

paulapuddephatt Says:


Pretty name, really like it

IlianaRene Says:


I like the French pronunciation: Léonie (lay-oh-nee)

fivebabymen Says:


A foreign exchanged student from Germany had this name was in high school. I love it! I love the nickname Leo too. I pronounce it Lee-OH-nee

Serendipity1 Says:


This name has important Catholic connections - Leonie was the sister of St Therese the Little Flower. She became a Visitandine nun.

marsrover Says:


So beautiful, sounds so classic but quirky at the same time, plus you could use the nickname Leo.

EW314 Says:


This is very sweet and pretty, but also has a strength to it. I like both pronunciations but would say LEE-oh-nee unless there was an accent over the e, as in Léonie.

SimoneKadele Says:


I want to like this name, but it just doesn't work as well in English.

Zelliew Says:


This is a lovely name

Bobcat108 Says:


I think that in French there would be an accent over the first E...Léonie...& it would be pronounced Lay-on-NEE, w/the n sound semi-swallowed in both syllables. I love the French pronunciation but think it would be butchered in an English-speaking country.

headintheclouds Says:


I have a huge name crush on Leonie! It sounds so pretty and looks beautiful spelled too. Also as someone who loves Leo- name variants, this is my favorite one for a girl (Leonidas for the boy's side). If I used Leonie, I'd probably put it in the middle name spot because it flows so well with other names- Beatrix Leonie is a favorite name combination of mine.

candybear5 Says:


I absolutely love this name! How beautiful!

Alicia1 Says:


This name sounds cute. When I look at it I see Leon. I'm on the fece about it.

CocoWhite Says:


I live in the US and I've never heard of anyone with this name before.

mnj87 Says:


That´s the normal spelling in Germany and a very popular name as well.

CocoWhite Says:


Cute name, but the spelling is way too confusing.