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Gender: F Pronunciation: KEER-a Meaning of Keira: "little dark one" Origin of Keira: Irish Keira's Popularity in 2016: #313

Keira is an attractive girls’ name that's gotten a huge boost from the meteoric rise of Keira Knightley. Original spelling Kiera, which relates more directly to the male Kieran, was the more popular form until the rise of Keira Knightley reversed the order. Both are Anglicized versions of the Irish Ciara.

Famous People Named Keira

Keira Christina Knightley, English actress
Keira Lucchesi, Scottish actress
Keira Nazja Pena, American child actress
Keira Walsh, English footballer
Keira Malik, British actress; daughter of actor Art Malik
Keira Sly, daughter of singer Tony Sly of No Use for a Name
Keira Magee (b. 2010), daughter of soccer player Mike Magee
Keira de Leon Jones (b. 2010), daughter of singers Kathleen de Leon and Daniel Jones of Savage Garden
Keira Grace Peck (b. 2012), daughter of actors Austin Peck and Terri Conn
Keira Travis, daughter of youtubers 'itsjudyslife' and "benjimantv"

Pop Culture References for the name Keira

Keira Metz, character in the Witcher franchise

Kearia, Keiarah, Keiara, Keera, Keiarra, Keara, Keira, Keerra, Kearra, Kera, Keaira, Kearah