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Gender: M Meaning of Finley: "fair-haired hero" Origin of Finley: Irish and Scottish Finley's Popularity in 2016: #287

Scottish royal name (it belonged to Macbeth's father) riding the wave of Finn names. Chris O'Donnell used it for one of his sons, and Angie Harmon and Jason Sehorn did a gender switch when they named their daughter Finley.

Though Finley has not been used for both sexes for enough years to make it onto our unisex names graph, the name at most recent count was running at almost two to one in favor of the girls, no doubt heavily influenced by Harmon and Sehorn's use of it for their little girl.

Famous People Named Finley

Finley Peter Dunne, American humorist and essayist
Finley Quaye, Scottish reggae musician; son of musician Cab Quaye
Finley Jacobsen, American actor
Samuel Finley Breese Morse, American inventor of Morse code
Finley Cooper Bernsen (b. 1998), American actor, son of actor Corbin Bernsen
Finley Back (b. 2002), son of rugby union footballer Neil Back
Finley Arthur Donoho (b. 2004), son of actress Holly Marie Combs
Finley O'Donnell (b. 2006), son of actor Chris O'Donnell
Finley Turco (b. 2008), son of ice hockey player Marty Turco
Finley Arthur Staal (b. 2014), son of ice hockey player Eric Staal
Finley James Walcott (b. 2014), son of footballer Theo Walcott
Finley Jay "Finn" Lanning (b. 2015), son of family vloggers Bryan & Missy Lanning
Steven Allen "Steve" Finley, American baseball player
Michael Howard Finley, American basketball player

Pop Culture References for the name Finley

Finley, flying monkey in film "Oz the Great and Powerful"
Russell Finley, character in film "Wayne's World"
Finley, Italian rock band