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Gender: F Origin of Eleonora: Italian, German, Dutch, and Polish variation of Eleanor

Makes a serious name frilly and feminine, which, depending on your viewpoint, might be a good or a bad thing. In this case, we vote good.

Famous People Named Eleonora

Eleonora Duse, Italian actress
Eleonora Gonzaga, consort of Ferdinand III, Holy Roman Emperor
Eleonora di Toledo (Eleanor of Toledo), Duchess of Florence, credited with being the first modern first lady
Eleonora Wiśniowiecka (Eleanor of Austria), Queen of Poland
Eleonora Rossi Drago, Italian actress
Eleonora Giorgi, Italian actress and director

Pop Culture References for the name Eleonora

Eleonora Stone, main character in the "...Stone..." series of novels by James Ziskin
"Eleonora," song by Laura Stevenson
"Eleonora", short story by Edgar Allan Poe.