Irish, variation of Mary
"bitter; beloved; drop of the sea"

Moira Origin and Meaning

The name Moira is a girl's name of Irish origin meaning "bitter; beloved; drop of the sea".

Well-established Irish and Scottish name that has never really caught on across the pond. Remembered by an older generation as the beautiful red-haired ballerina in the film The Red Shoes, Moira Shearer.

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Moira Popularity

Famous People Named Moira

  • Moira KellyAmerican actress
  • Moira HarrisAmerican actress
  • Moira CroneAmerican novelist
  • Moira GunnAmerican radio presenter
  • Moira Forbesjournalist, member of Forbes family
  • Moira Lister de GachassinLafite, Vicomtesse d’Orthez, South African,British actress
  • Moira Shearer (King)Lady Kennedy, British ballerina
  • Moira Clare Ruby StuartBritish TV presenter
  • Moira Shannon QuirkEnglish voice actress
  • Moira WalleyBeckett, Canadian writer
  • Moira BuffiniEnglish playwright and screenwriter
  • Moira BrookerEnglish actress
  • Moira McLeanAustralian TV presenter
  • Moira RedmondEnglish actress
  • Moira AndersonScottish singer
  • Moira BrownCanadian whale researcher
  • Moira Cameronfirst woman Yeoman Warder of the Tower of London, England

Moira in Pop Culture

  • Moira O'Haracharacter on TV's "American Horror Story"
  • Moira Nicholsoncharacter from Agatha Christie's "The Boomerang Clue"
  • Moira Davidsoncharacter in movie "On the Beach"
  • Moira Byrnecharacter in "Greener Grass," by Caroline Pignat
  • Moira Kennedycharacter in movie "Strange Hearts"
  • Moiracharacter on TV's "Smash"
  • Moira Banningcharacter in movie "Hook"
  • Moira Kinross MacTaggertcharacter in the X,Men movie series
  • Moiracharacter in Margaret Atwood's "The Handmaid's Tale"
  • Moira Theirincharacter in Dragon Age video game series
  • Moira Queencharacter on TV's "Arrow"
  • Moira/Max Sweeneycharacter on TV's "The L Word"
  • Moira Thaurissandwarf in the Warcraft series
  • Moira Brandoncharacter in Marvel Comics
  • Moira Browncharacter in Fallout 3
  • Moira Rosecharacter on TV series Schitt's Creek
  • Moira O'Deoraincharacter in Overwatch
  • Moiramessenger of the Eddisian gods in Megan Whalen Turner's "Queen's Thief" series
  • Wendy Moira Angela Darlingcharacter in "Peter Pan"