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Gender: M Pronunciation: DUG-lus Meaning of Douglas: "black water" Origin of Douglas: Scottish Douglas's Popularity in 2016: #601

Douglas, and more particularly its nickname, Doug, had a real romantic swagger in the 1950s and 1960s dating back to swashbuckling Douglas Fairbanks, but today is more likely to conjure up your mom's prom date. Originally a Celtic river name, it became attached to a powerful Scottish clan, renowned for their strength and courage. In its earliest incarnation, Douglas was used equally for girls and boys.

Douglas has been on the popularity list for as long as US records have been kept, for a considerable period in the Top 100, often used to honor World War II General Douglas MacArthur. Douglas currently ranks at Number 601; modern parents might prefer the livelier Dougal.

Famous People Named Douglas

Douglas "Doug" Benson, American comedian
Douglas Fairbanks (born Douglas Elton Thomas Ullman), American actor
Douglas Elton Fairbanks Jr., American actor and WWII naval officer
Douglas MacArthur, American WWII general
Douglas Coupland, Canadian novelist
Douglas John Booth, English actor
Douglas Noel Adams, English novelist
Douglas Colvin, birth name of Dee Dee Ramone, German-American musician; bassist for punk band The Ramones
Douglas Dean Osheroff, American physicist; winner of the Nobel Prize
Douglas Robert Jardine, English cricketer
Douglas Mawson, Australian Antarctic explorer
Douglas Smith, Canadian actor

Pop Culture References for the name Douglas

Douglas, engine on animated series "Thomas the Tank Engine," twin of Donald
Douglas Yancey "Doug" Funnie, title character of animated series "Doug"
Douglas Reynholm, character on British TV series "The IT Crowd"
Douglas Spalding, character in Ray Bradbury's "Dandelion Wine"
Douglas Varney, character in movie "Better Living Through Chemistry"
Douglas Richardson, pilot on British radio series "Cabin Pressure"
Grant Douglas Ward, character on TV's "Marvel's Agents of SHIELD"
"Douglas," play by John Home and its main character
Dr. Douglas "Doug" Ross, main character on "ER" tv series (played by George Clooney)
Douglas Forrester, character on "The Bold & the Beautiful"
Douglas Davenport, character on TV's "Lab Rats"
Douglas Archer, character from "SS-GB", father of Douglas Archer Jr.

Doogie, Dougie, Duggie, Douglass, Duglass, Doug, Dugaid, Dougey