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Gender: M Meaning of Dean: "church official" Origin of Dean: English Dean's Popularity in 2016: #205

Dean may sound to some like a retro surfer boy name, but it is once again climbing up the popularity chart in the USA. For decades it was associated with Dean (born Dino) Martin; more recent representatives include Dean Cain, Dean McDermott and Dean Koontz -- not to mention Jared Padalecki's dreamy Dean Forester in Gilmore Girls.

Famous People Named Dean

Dean Martin (born Dino Paul Crocetti), American singer and actor
(David) Dean Rusk, 54th U.S. Secretary of State
Dean Gooderham Acheson, 51st U.S. Secretary of State
Dean McDermott, Canadian-American actor
Dean George Cain, American actor
Dean Ambrose (born Jonathan Good), American professional wrestler
Dean Potter, American rock climber and extreme athlete
Dean Ray Koontz, American novelist
Dean Anthony Fertita, American rock musician
Dean Hale, American novelist
Dean Torrence, American musician of duo Jan & Dean
Dean Ween (born Michael Melchiondo), American guitarist formerly of Ween
Dean Stanley Geyer, South African-Australian Actor/Singer
Dean Joseph Norris, American actor
Dean Haglund, Canadian actor
(Robert) Dean Stockwell, American actor
Dean Winters, American actor
Dean Edwards Smith, American college basketball coach
Dean Patrick Caliguire, American NFL football player
(Wilmer) Dean Chance, American baseball player
Dinko "Dean" Lukin, Australian Olympic weightlifter
Dean Malenko, American pro wrestler
Dean LeRoy McAdams, American NFL football player
Dean Obeidallah, American comedian
Dean William Palmer, American baseball player
Dean Schofield, English rugby union player
Dean Barrett Zelinsky, American guitar maker
Dean Whare, New Zealand rugby league player
Dean Danny Benjamin Patterson, son of model Anansa Sims & David Patterson
Dean Gibbons, member of Irish boyband HomeTown
DEAN (styled as DΞΔN, born Kwon Hyuk), Korean singer-songwriter and producer
Dean Turner Saliman (b. 2012), son of American actress Bree Turner

Pop Culture References for the name Dean

Dean Winchester, main character on The CW's "Supernatural"
Dean Thomas, character in the Harry Potter series
Dean Stanton, character in the film "The Green Mile" based on the Stephen King novel of the same name
Dean Perreira, character in 2010 film "Blue Valentine"
Dean McMullen, character in "Blue Lagoon: The Awakening"
Dean Forrester, character on TV's "Gilmore Girls"
Dean Sampson, character in film "She's All That"
Dean Moriarty, character in Jack Kerouac's "On the Road"
Dean Wicks, character on British soap "EastEnders"
Dean Iverson, character on TV's "Gracepoint"
Dean Venture, main character in animated series "The Venture Bros."
Dean Walton, character on TV's "Degrassi: The Next Generation"
The Forest of Dean, in Gloucestershire, England
Dean Domino, character in video game 'Fallout: New Vegas- Dead Money'
Jason Dean, J.D, character from the movie/musical, Heathers

Dino, Dene, Deyn, Deane, Deen