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Gender: Male Meaning of Damian: "to tame, subdue" Origin of Damian: Greek Damian's Popularity in 2017: #119

The name Damian is a boy's name of Greek origin meaning "to tame, subdue". Damian is ranked #119 on our popularity charts and is often added to lists like Saints' Names For Boys and discussed in our forums with posts like "Quick Question Thread?!".

From the experts:

Damian has sidestepped its demonic horror movie overtones, leaving a basically friendly and charming Irish image. A well-used upper-class name in England, it is growing in popularity here.

There are several saints by this name, including an early one who was a renowned healer.

Damian Lewis is a British actor, the star of Homeland and now Billions, Damian Marley, youngest son of Bob Marley, is a Grammy-winning reggae artist in his own right.

The French spelling Damien is another option.

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Famous People Named Damian

Saint Damian, Syrian physician and martyr; twin brother of Cosmas
Damian Robert Nesta "Jr. Gong" Marley, Jamaican singer; son of singer Bob Marley
Damian Lamonte Ollie Lillard, American basketball player
Damian Watcyn Lewis, English actor
Damian Joseph McGinty, Irish actor and singer
Damian Williams, American NFL football player
Damian Charles Hurley (b. 2002), son of actress Elizabeth Hurley
Damian Musk (b. 2006), son of Tesla founder Elon Musk; triplet of brothers Saxon and Kai
Damian Angelo Geronimo, son of singer Buse Ünlü & Geronimo Firgilio
Damián Rafael van der Vaart (b. 2003), son of TV personality/model Sylvie Meis and football player Rafael van der Vaart
Damián Čech (b. 2009), son of footballer Petr Čech
Damian Kulash, lead singer of American rock band OK Go

Pop Culture References for the name Damian

Damian Thorn, evil child in "The Omen" films
Damian Spinelli, character on American soap "General Hospital"
Damian Wayne aka Robin, character in Batman comics
Damian Henry, character on TV series "Six Degrees"
Damian Tenma, character from the game "Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies"
Damian Smerk, character in Jenny Nimmo's "The Children of the Red King" series

Daimen, Daemon, Damianus, Dameon, Daymian, Daymen, Damyen, Damianos, Damiane, Damen, Damion, Damon, Dayman

Damian's International Variations

Damiano (Italian) Damyan, Damien, Damyon, Dema, Demyan (Russian) Damião (Portuguese) Damek, Damjan (Hungarian) Damián (Spanish) Daman (Irish) Dyfan (Welsh)


josephinedagnall Says:


I once knew a set of boy-boy-girl siblings called Dorian, Damian, and Diana, and I think it was that that made me love this name.

beachbear Says:


What movie? I'm serious, I have no idea.

headintheclouds Says:


This is one of the nicer two syllable -n ending Irish-y boy names, in my opinion. There's a clean cut quality to its sound and look, and also an genuine earnest feel to it that draws me in. The Day- beginning sound is very appealing to me, and this would be a nice sweet-spot name where it's well-known but isn't crazy popular. I like this Damian variant spelling the best from the other variants Damien and Damon.

Czar Felix Says:


This is my brother's name.

Mary Magdalene Says:


Nobody watches that movie anymore. The Damians of the world are safe.

virgosmaze Says:


Cool sounding name. Lovezz it

Charity LeClaire Says:


This is my son's name. I LOVE IT!!

laurelrobyn Says:


I do love this name, always have, until someone told me about that horrible movie. Why does pop culture always have to ruin the best name? Regardless, I think if I met a little boy named Damian I would be thrilled.

KassemJ Says:


This is a wonderful name! One of my favorites.